Future of field stations and marine labs some context for a strategic planning effort
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Future of Field Stations and Marine Labs: Some Context for a Strategic Planning Effort: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Future of Field Stations and Marine Labs: Some Context for a Strategic Planning Effort:. Supported by NSF, DBI-1126161 to Ian C. Billick (PI), Brian Kloeppel , Ivar G. Babb, James G. Sanders, Jo-Ann C. Leong. Outline. NSF – “ Level Funding is the New Doubling ”

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Future of field stations and marine labs some context for a strategic planning effort

Future of Field Stations and Marine Labs: Some Context for a Strategic Planning Effort:

Supported by NSF, DBI-1126161 to Ian C. Billick (PI), Brian Kloeppel, Ivar G. Babb, James G. Sanders, Jo-Ann C. Leong.

Outline a Strategic Planning Effort:

  • NSF – “Level Funding is the New Doubling”

  • Evolution of National Ocean Priorities

  • National Goals, Broadening Impacts & Innovation

Nsf ocean sciences fy 2012 request
NSF Ocean Sciences FY 2012 Request a Strategic Planning Effort:

Oce major infrastructure initiatives
OCE Major Infrastructure Initiatives a Strategic Planning Effort:

  • R/V Sikuliaq (formerly ARRV)

  • HOV Alvin Upgrade

  • Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

JOIDES Resolution near Honolulu,

May, 2009

Source: COL website

Ocean observatories initiative ooi
Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) a Strategic Planning Effort:

Multi-scale ocean observatory in Year 3 of construction

  • $386.42M (NSF is the sole funding agency)

  • 66 months of construction (Sept., 2009 start)

  • $769.5M for construction and initial operations (end 2016)

  • 25 years of planned operations

    System of systems that will document, for 25-30 years, air-sea, water column and seafloor processes, across full ocean depths using the best available technologies

Mrefc ooi
MREFC & OOI a Strategic Planning Effort:

  • Major Research and Equipment Facilities Construction (MREFC) account

    • Created to fund facilities and instruments separate from research programs

  • Congressional appropriations cut MREFC account far more than overall NSF budget

    • FY 2011 requested level for OOI was $90 million; OOI received $65 million

    • FY2012 total NSF request was $225 million with $103 million for OOI

    • Conferenced at ~$170M, final amount for OOI TBD ~80M?

Science engineering and education for sustainability sees
Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability (SEES) a Strategic Planning Effort:

  • Portfolio of activities spanning entire range of scientific domains at NSF

    • To advance science, engineering, and education to inform the societal actions needed for environmental and economic sustainability and sustainable human well-being

      • Support interdisciplinary research and education for global sustainability

      • Build linkages in sustainability research enterprise

      • Develop a workforce trained in interdisciplinary scholarship

  • SEES Opportunities

    • Sustainable Energy Pathways (SEP) (NSF11-590)

    • SEES Fellows (NSF11-575)

    • Sustainability Research Networks (NSF11-574)

    • Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) (NSF11-564)

    • Water, Sustainability and Climate (NSF11-551)

    • Research Coordination Networks (RCN) (NSF11-531)

    • Dimensions of Biodiversity (NSF11-518)

    • Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems (CNH) (NSF10-612)

    • Decadal and Regional Climate Prediction Using Earth System Models (EaSM) (NSF10-554)

    • Climate Change Education (CCE): Climate Change Education Partnership (CCEP) Program (NSF10-542)

    • Ocean Acidification (OA) (NSF12-500)

    • Earth Cube (NSF11-065)

Managing the tradeoffs nsf priorities
Managing the Tradeoffs a Strategic Planning Effort:NSF Priorities

  • Unsolicited disciplinary core science (e.g., phys, chem, bio, geo oceanography)

  • Core infrastructure (e.g. ships)

  • Infrastructure for “BIG” science (e.g., IODP, OOI)

  • Targeted research in areas of special national or societal interest (e.g., SEES)

  • Innovation, high risk, high return (e.g., OOI)

  • Human capital/workforce development (fellowships)

  • Education (COSEE)


The ocean coasts and great lakes a decade of raising awareness and priority setting
The Ocean, Coasts and Great Lakes: a Strategic Planning Effort:A Decade of Raising Awareness and Priority Setting

  • Pew Commission

  • US Commission on Ocean Policy

  • Ocean Research Priorities Plan v 1&2

  • NRC Ocean Infrastructure Report

  • National Ocean Policy

Pew ocean commission report
Pew Ocean Commission Report a Strategic Planning Effort:


  • Governance for Sustainable Seas

  • Restoring America’s Fisheries

  • Preserving Our Coasts

  • Cleaning Coastal Waters

  • Guiding Sustainable Marine Aquaculture

U s commission on ocean policy
U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy a Strategic Planning Effort:

Critical Recommended Actions

  • Improved Governance

  • Sound Science for Wise Decisions

  • Education – A Foundation for the Future

  • Specific Management Challenges

  • Implementation – Ocean Policy Trust Fund

  • Mandated by the Oceans Act of 2000

  • Over a year-long process

  • Report has 31 Chapters, 6 Appendices and over 200 recommendations

Ocean research priorities plan
Ocean Research Priorities Plan a Strategic Planning Effort:

  • Theme 1: Stewardship of Natural and Cultural Ocean Resources

  • Theme 2: Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards

  • Theme 3: Enabling Marine Operations

  • Theme 4: The Ocean’s Role in Climate

  • Theme 5: Improving Ecosystem Health

  • Theme 6: Enhancing Human Health

Ocean research priorities plan orpp refresh
Ocean Research Priorities Plan (ORPP) Refresh a Strategic Planning Effort:

  • Currently SOST is in the process of refreshing these priorities

  • Significant changes:

    • Strongly emphasizes ocean acidification

    • Strongly emphasizes changing conditions in the Arctic

    • Explicitly addresses research in the context of the National Ocean Policy (NOP)

    • Does not have near-term priorities

Nrc infrastructure report
NRC Infrastructure Report a Strategic Planning Effort:

Four Societal Drivers:

  • Enabling Stewardship Of The Environment

  • Protecting Life And Property

  • Promoting Sustainable Economic Vitality

  • Increasing Fundamental Scientific Understanding

National ocean policy
National Ocean Policy a Strategic Planning Effort:

National goals and broader impacts
National Goals and Broader Impacts a Strategic Planning Effort:

The Competes Act (January, 2011) asks the NSF to apply the Broader Impact review criterion to achieve a number of national, societal goals including:

  • Increased economic competitiveness of the United States.

  • Development of a globally competitive STEM workforce.

  • Increased participation of women, persons with disabilities, and underrepresented minorities in STEM.

  • Increased partnerships between academia and industry.

  • Improved pre-K–12 STEM education and teacher development.

  • Improved undergraduate STEM education.

  • Increased public scientific literacy and public engagement with science and technology.

  • Increased national security.

  • Enhanced infrastructure for research and education, including facilities, instrumentation, networks and partnerships.

Innovation a Strategic Planning Effort:

Rising above the gathering storm energizing and employing america for a brighter economic future
Rising Above the Gathering Storm: a Strategic Planning Effort:Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future


  • 10,000 Teachers for 10 Million Minds

  • A Quarter of a Million Teachers Inspiring Young Minds Every Day

  • Summer Institutes

  • Science and Mathematics Master’s Programs

  • K–12 Curricular Materials Modeled on World-Class Standards

  • Enlarge the Pipeline

  • Effective Continuing Programs


  • Funding for Basic Research

  • Early-Career Researchers

  • Advanced Research Instrumentation and Facilities

  • High-Risk Research

  • Use DARPA as a Model for Energy Research

  • Prizes and Awards

Future of field stations and marine labs some context for a strategic planning effort
Has the time come for a decadal survey approach to setting priorities for future investments in oceanography?

“Brain Coral,” by Michael Yiran Ma, graduate student,

Duke University