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Playing & Staying in the Game PowerPoint Presentation
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Playing & Staying in the Game

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Playing & Staying in the Game

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  1. Playing & Staying in the Game Early Sport Specialization, ACL Injuries, Club Sports, and Athletic Scholarships. by Jake von Scherrer

  2. Perspective… Athlete Coach Parent

  3. WARRIOR GIRLS Protecting our Daughters Against the Injury Epidemic in Women’s Sports By Michael Sokolove

  4. The GOOD News! We don’t have these problems at Palmer Trinity Palmer Trinity Coaches embrace the Multi-Sport Philosophy! Education!

  5. What is the Concern? Research shows us that Girls who participate in sports, suffer athletic injuries at much higher rates than Boys - Most of the serious injuries are to the knee – usually in the form of an ACL tear – and most occur in NON-CONTACT instances – called sudden changes How much higher?

  6. the Truth is… Several studies have shown that in sports such as BASKETBALL, SOCCER, and VOLLEYBALL …. Girls are tearing their ACL’s at rates as much as EIGHT Timesthat of boys! Many times these injuries are repeated – first to one knee, then the other, or to the same knee multiple times!

  7. Why? There are several factors, but they can all be condensed into the following two areas… Inherited Traits – Wiring, Alignment, & Girth Developed Traits – Lack of Strength, Lack of Flexibility, & Lack of Coordination.

  8. The Solution Strength Training – such as Bigger Faster Stronger PEP – Prevent Injury & Enhance Performance Avoid Early Specialization - Play Multiple Sports

  9. Warrior Girls Michael Sokolove, Author of Warrior Girls “We can’t prevent every injury with our kids, but what we are currently doing is manufacturing injuries.” “If you intended for a girl to a suffer a major injury – you would take away all of her other sports make her play one sport, year round put her in frequent 5 games in 3 day tournaments… and then … you would just wait.”

  10. The Club Myth “You need to specialize – play year round - to get better.” “You need to play club (or travel ball or AAU or …) so the college coaches will see you.” “You need to play in this Tournament, this Classic, or this SHOWCASE so you can get an Athletic Scholarship!” However -

  11. The College Reality Only 5% of high school athletes will ever play college sports. Less than 1% of that group get a full athletic scholarship! Most athletic scholarships are only partial (25% ) and much less than academic financial aid awards. Where is the return on the thousands of dollars spent on CLUB FEES and TRAVEL EXPENSES – which most college coaches consider a “particular waste of money!”

  12. Overuse Syndrome Soreness and/or Injury related to repeated use of the same muscle or joint group commonly associated with throwing, running, swinging, or striking. “There is nothing that puts a young athlete at risk for injury like overuse – playing the same sport from an early age and wearing down the same set of muscles, day after day and year after year.” Paul Gagne’

  13. Exposures Every practice, Every workout, Every game contains multiple Exposures. Research has shown that the magic number for an ACL tear is roughly 4,000 exposures. Picture a kid practicing & playing for their school team – Many kids also play for a “Club” team at the same time At the end of school season – the club season continues… Then, they move on to “Tournament Season”… The Exposures add up – for each season, and beyond – within each team that a person works out with!

  14. Do all these games make you a better player ? Anson Dorrance, Head Women’s Soccer Coach at U.N.C. “In a 90 minute match, the average player will handle the ball for just 3 minutes. That’s just not going to develop you into an elite player. What develops players are training blocks when you are building your strength, speed, and agility … and when you are resting (!). … blocks when you are just touching the ball and having fun but not playing full field games. All of these games are the worst possible thingfor a player in terms of both skill development and risk of injury…”

  15. What Should You Do ? BE Informed! TALK with your child’s coaches! Encourage Multiple Sport Participation! It makes them BETTER Athletes … and it makes them Tougher, which makes them SAFER! Don’t forget Strength, Flexibility, and Coordination training! Too much skill work can lead to injuries

  16. THANKS FOR LISTENING! Jake von Scherrer Phone: 305-969-4241