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Types of Flower Arrangements PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of Flower Arrangements

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Types of Flower Arrangements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you want to buy flowers for any occasion or to gift it to anyone then which type flower arrangements are suitable for that go through this presentation then you will get to know.

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Types of Flower Arrangements

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types of flower arrangement

Types of Flower Arrangement

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flower arrangement
Flower arrangement
  • Flower arrangement is the art of arranging flowers, plant materials, and other decorative items to prepare eye-catching displays. It is widely used in weddings, anniversaries, birthday, formal and informal parties.
  • Magnificent flower arrangements are necessary for creating an ambiance and attaining harmony. They enhance an aesthetic appeal of homes, offices, wedding and party venues.
  • Creativity, design principles, and philosophies are used by floral designers for making different types of flower arrangements.
triangular flower arrangement
Triangular flower arrangement
  • One of the main design principles of flower arrangement is balance, which can be symmetrical or an asymmetrical. This type of flower arrangement can be either one. Though it has three sides, corners, and angles, it is best viewed from one side.
circular flower arrangement
Circular flower arrangement
  • A circular flower arrangement can be oval, round and in a symmetrical or asymmetrical form.
  • The oval arrangement grabs viewers' attentions in a circular pattern. It is used for religious occasion or as an alter arrangement.
  • The round floral display will have uniformity and look the same from top, side, and any angle.
floating flower arrangement
Floating flower arrangement
  • A shallow container with water, flower stems, and petals are used to create a floating arrangement. To add additional touch, floating candles are also placed in the center.
crescent flower arrangement
Crescent flower arrangement
  • Flower stems with natural curve and a variety of flowers are used for making flower arrangement in crescent or 'C' shape. To obtain the top 'C' shape, a large flower is secured into floral foam. For the bottom 'C' part, same flowers, but of smaller size are used.
vertical flower arrangement
Vertical flower arrangement
  • A vertical and tall container with primary flowers, and components that extend downward of the container are used in this arrangement. This type of arrangement is used to focus on vertical lines. Prepared usually with a mixture of flowers in different shapes and colors.
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