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Valentines Flower Arrangements, Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements PowerPoint Presentation
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Valentines Flower Arrangements, Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements

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Valentines Flower Arrangements, Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This is why we celebrate Valentine's DaynEvery year you celebrate Valentine’s Day! You bestow your loved ones with messages oozing love, exchange gifts, go on dates and make each other feel special; but do you know the history of Valentine’s Day? Do you know why and for whom is the day celebrated? It wasn’t a love story with a happy ending.nIn Rome around 3rd Century that was an emperor who felt that single men made great soldiers. nThus, the emperor - Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men. This made a young priest called Valentine extremely furious. He cheated Claudius by secretly performing marriages for young couples. The emperor soon discovered Valentine’s actions and sentenced him to death.nTo order flowers online Melbourne click here.

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