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Peony silk flower arrangements PowerPoint Presentation
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Peony silk flower arrangements

Peony silk flower arrangements

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Peony silk flower arrangements

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  1. Your guide to creating spectacular Your guide to creating spectacular flower arrangements flower arrangements Published by :

  2. Flower arrangements are one of the oldest popular forms of room and outdoor decor items. Whether you are using artificial flowers or real ones, flower arrangements always manage to add the warmth and lively touch of spring to your home all year round. You do not need to be a professional to make flower arrangements for home decor purposes or for special occasions like wedding flower arrangements. There are a few simple rules which if combined with your creative sense can yield spectacular displays of flower arrangements. The first step to make a flower arrangement is the choice of the container for the flowers. A tall, slender vase can be used to hold flowers with long stems like lilies or tulips. Short, wide vases are usually used to hold flowers with expansive blooms like chrysanthemums. After selecting the flower container, selection of flowers is the next step in the project. There are several choices of flowers you can use for the the arrangement. You can select a single flower colour and then arrange different types of flowers of the same colour. You can also choose to select flowers of the same type and colour arranged in an interesting manner or you may select different flowers of different colours and make a flower arrangement from them.

  3. The first step in your flower arrangement process would be preparing the vase by cleaning it and then inserting a floral frog, floral foam or small pebbles inside the base of the vase. These help to hold the stems of the flowers in place. If you are using real flowers for flower arrangements, then it is important to remove all the leaves from the stem part which will be immersed in water inside the vase. Leaves dipped in water will easily rot and create an unpleasant smell. To keep the flowers fresh for a longer duration you can use floral preservatives or snip the ends of stems diagonally so that they absorb more water from the vase. If you are using artificial flowers like anthurium silk plants or peony silk flower arrangements, you can snip the stems of the artificial flowers to alter their size based on the needs of your floral arrangement strategies. While making flower arrangements, it is usually the larger flowers that are arranged first. Trim the stems of the flowers with a pair of floral scissors, if deemed necessary. Place your vase in a position where you can visualize your progress with the floral arrangement from all sides. Add the flowers with the longest stems towards the centre of the arrangement and the rest of the flowers in decreasing order of size towards the edge of the arrangement.

  4. Add greenery towards the completion of your project to prevent an overwhelming appearance of the flowers. Besides the traditional flower arrangements on a vase, outdoor wreaths and wreaths for front door are also popularly used flower arrangements which give a very pleasant appearance to your outdoors and entrance. Visit this site to know more: