different types of flower arrangements for different purposes n.
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Different types of flower arrangements for different purposes PowerPoint Presentation
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Different types of flower arrangements for different purposes

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Different types of flower arrangements for different purposes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are looking for flower arrangements to gift it for any occasion then you should go through this presentation then you will get to know which type of arrangement is best suitable for which occasion.

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Presentation Transcript
flower arrangement is the art of grouping

Flower arrangement is the art of grouping and organizing different types of flowers, twigs, branches, foliage's, etc. in different shapes using a container.

  • The motive of flower arrangement is to attain unanimity in form, color, texture, and balance.
  • Flower arrangement is an ancient art in India that was practiced during religious occasions, and for royal events. This art flourished in the last few decades.
horizontal flower arrangement
Horizontal Flower Arrangement
  • This flower arrangement requires a shallow container, one big flower, and other small flowers, including flower branches.
  • The focal point in this arrangement is the large flower, which is mainly a rose.
  • Being normal in height and extended in width, horizontal flower arrangements also serve as an eye-catching centerpiece. It is best gift for anniversaries, and birthdays.
vertical flower arrangement
Vertical Flower Arrangement
  • This type of arrangement is taller in appearance. And like the horizontal ones, it too requires a single big flower for creating a focal point.
  • Flower arrangement is done in a round vertical container. For fillers, other small flowers, twigs, and foliage's are used to provide a balanced look.
  • The vertical flower arrangement is best for birthdays.
oval flower arrangement
Oval Flower Arrangement
  • Though this type of flower arrangement appears oval in shape, it still includes a center focal point, which is created by a bright large flower.
  • Other small flowers used in this arrangement are less brighter than the big flower. They are used deliberately to not get distracted from the focal point. The oval flower arrangements are mainly used for formal purposes.
line arrangement
Line Arrangement
  • This is one popular type of arrangements widely used in Japan. It requires minimal material.
  • The arrangement is done with different length of plant materials that are erected either straight or in a curve. In this arrangement, emphasis is given on asymmetrical balance.
mass arrangement
Mass Arrangement
  • This is a simple and easiest type of flower arrangement that require a bunch of flowers to group together in a vase.
  • The purpose of mass flower arrangement is to use in formal parties.
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Contact Us
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