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Welcome to Bio181L!

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Welcome to Bio181L!. Contemplating the nuts & bolts of Life xVivo’s 3D cell animation (also on TA desktop--Lab01TaoTA => Biovisions => BioVisionsPlayer.swf). About me. Kelsey Berg [email protected] Majors in Physiology/Molecular and Cellular Biology, Minor in Chemistry

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welcome to bio181l
Welcome to Bio181L!
  • Contemplating the nuts & bolts of Life
  • xVivo’s 3D cell animation
  • (also on TA desktop--Lab01TaoTA => Biovisions => BioVisionsPlayer.swf)
about me
About me...
  • Kelsey Berg
  • [email protected]
  • Majors in Physiology/Molecular and Cellular Biology, Minor in Chemistry
  • From Phoenix, Arizona
what 181l is
What 181L is
  • Thinking, Understanding, Investigating, Evaluating
    • Not arrive, assembly line, leave
  • Not synchronized with most lecture sections, but internally coherent & mutually reinforcing
science and this course
Science and this course
  • “One of the beautiful things about science is that it allows us to bumble along, getting it wrong time after time, and feeling perfectly fine as long as we learn something each time.”
about you
About you

Last name, First name Section #




What do you want to do (career)?

Where are you from?

What do you expect from this course?

Anything else that I should know about you (optional)?

  • NOTE: The section dance is now over
    • Once a lab has met, no one can change into it
about the manual
About the manual
  • Reading it will prepare you for class & in-class quizzes
    • Reading prior to 5’ before class will allow you to understand & think about what you’re reading
  • Lays out Philosophy (vii), Learning Goals (ix), expectations (xi)
  • Contains Periodic Table (0-1) and Molecular Basics (0-3), rules of molecule pics (0-5) and a cell (0-7)
181 lab accounts
  • http://blc.arizona.edu/courses/181lab
  • Click ‘Create Accounts’
  • Your section number is: XX
  • Bio181L_Go is the best way to do your work. Browser not so much
80 of success is just showing up
80% of success is just showing up*
  • Absences must be excused from from Asya Roberts in BSE109 prior to making up
  • Arriving late is absent. Leaving early is absent.
  • Labs cannot be offered week after they are delivered; Avoid missing a lab
  • Missing 2 labs blows a huge hole in the intellectual content. You may be dropped from the course--excused or otherwise

*--Woody Allen

my webpage
My Webpage
  • Get there via homepage* => Instructors => (Section #)

*http://blc.arizona.edu/courses/181Lab (Lab Man yellow page)

what to expect
What to expect
  • Homework is serious--start early, and work in bursts, with gaps. Generally, 2-3 components/week
  • You will play a major role in experiment, protocol design
    • i.e., you’ll need to know what you’re trying to achieve rather than showing up & following steps. Sometimes, there aren’t any
policies grading
Policies & Grading
  • Syllabus (Linked on course homepage)
    • Honor code & Plagiarism (Manual, p. xiii)
  • Assignments
    • On-line assessments/tutorials (10%)
    • In-class quizzes (15%)
    • Lab assignments (LABAs--Lab Activity Based Assignments) (50%)
    • Lab Projects & reports (combine to 25%)
the tao of molecules


the Tao of Molecules
  • How molecules feel & the world they live in
primary goals
Primary goals
  • Create understanding by observation, reasoning
  • Chemical foundations for the course:
    • Water & its properties
      • non-watery things
    • Know molecules as real & tangible things
When a journalist asked the great physicist Richard Feynman what single sentence would best encapsulate all science so far if it were to be the sole surviving scrap of all we knew, he replied,“The world is made of atoms.”

From The Secret of Scent, Luca Turin p.28

atoms they re how life works
Atoms: They’re how life works
  • DNA, RNA: C, H, N, O, P, [Mg++]
  • Carbs: C, H, O
  • Protein: C, H, N, O, (S), (P), [traces]
  • Membranes: C, H, N, O, P, (S)

What cannot be done with assemblages of these atoms* cannot be doneby living organisms, nor their cells, nor their spit, etc.

*OK, fine, there’s the occasional role for Ca++, etc.

who am i
Who am I?
  • At birth, # protons = # electrons
  • Atoms seek completion, which means outermost electron set = 8 (hydrogen, helium it’s just 2)

Freeman Fig. 2.1a

four views of water






Four views of Water

(There will be a test)


See lab manual, p. 0-3

interacting with h2o
Interacting with H2O

To your StructViewers!

Desktop => Bio181L_Go

clean up
Clean up!
  • Oil waste in the hood
  • ethanol waste in the sink
  • anything too messy wadded up and discarded
salting out
It’s a real term; used to refer to a situation where the addition of salt (portable charges) alters the solubility of other molecules in water

Why should this be?

“Salting out”
First things first--what is it? What’s going on in terms of molecules

Experiment: Ethanol and water on your arm: which is cooler & why?

Prediction: based on molecular weight, which should evaporate more quickly--H2O (2 x 1 + 1 x 16) or CH3CH2OH (5 x 1; 2 x 12; 1 x 16)

If not, why not?

Salt--ever tasted your sweat? Or anybody else’s for that matter?

What benefit might there be to adding NaCl to water that you are intending to evaporate?

some advice
Some advice


what s vocabulary homework
What’s vocabulary homework?
  • EITHER both versions of the crossword exercise
  • OR VocabuWary with a better than threshold score
    • For “Atoms & Molecules”, F12, that’s 60,000
    • Errors count off. Slowness counts off.
homework due 10 p m before lab
Homework due 10 p.m. before lab


In Depth!

Next week’s quiz will include

Concepts from today

Atom colors

Deducing partial charges (from tutorial)

Manual Ch. 2

  • Assessor: 181 Intro ’12
  • Vocab Atoms/Mols: xWord(x2) or ‘Wary
  • Assessor: Molecular World Tutorial