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Fruit Tart Pizza! PowerPoint Presentation
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Fruit Tart Pizza!

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Fruit Tart Pizza! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fruit Tart Pizza!. We are going to quarter your recipe. 1 package. Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough Cream Cheese, Softened Cool Whip Fruit Topping. 8 oz. 4 cup. 4 cups. Here is what your quartered recipe should look like:. ¼ package. Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough

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Presentation Transcript

We are going to quarter your recipe

1 package

Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough

Cream Cheese, Softened

Cool Whip

Fruit Topping

8 oz

4 cup

4 cups


Here is what your quartered recipe should look like:

¼ package

Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough

Cream Cheese, Softened

Cool Whip

Fruit Topping

2 oz

1 cup

1 cup


After you have gathered your ingredients it’s time to start cooking!

After you have preheated your oven to 350*, begin your recipe by rolling your Sugar Cookie Dough into small dough balls and place them in the bottom of your muffin tin



What do you need to do to your muffin tin before you add your cookie dough?




This is what your pizza tarts should look like after baking for 3-7 min!

Let them cool in the pan for a couple minutes and then pop them out of the muffin tins with a spoon and place them on your cooling rack


How much cream cheese do we need?

  • How much cool whip?

2 oz

1 cup


Using your Kitchen Aid Mixer and the wire whip attachment begin whipping your softened cream cheese until smooth.

Then fold in your Cool Whip


Using a Rubber Scraper, scrape your frosting into a Ziploc bag and cut one corner off

Have one person in your kitchen hold the bag, another hold your mixing bowl and one more scrape your frosting into your bag!


There will be 4 different types of fruit used for this recipe.

If we need our total amount of fruit to equal 1 cup, how much of each fruit will we need?

¼ cup of each!

¼ + ¼ + ¼ + ¼ = 1 cup!

*make a note of this and write it next to your 1c of fruit in your ingredients section*


Using the fruit you measured, dice the fruit into small pieces to use as toppings for your pizza


Who is going to be slicing the fruit?

  • Decide now in your groups and write your name next to the fruit you are responsible for!
  • Who is going to be mixing the frosting?
  • Pick one person to be responsible for making the icing (similar to how we assigned one person to be responsible for your cinnamon chips!)
  • Write that person’s name with a *star* in your instructions for the icing

What equipment will you need on your TRAY when you come up to measure?

Small bowl- cream cheese

1c DMC- cool whip

Leveler- cool whip

Spoon- scoop fruit into measuring cup

¼ DMC- measure fruit

4 custard cups- for your fruit!


Make sure…

Your group member’s names are on your lab

Your Kitchen # and Period # are on your labs

The job charton the back sheet is FILLED OUT

You used COMPLETE SENTENCES to answer your pre-lab questions

You will start to lose points for not having

these things starting next week!!