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Maggie Galliers Principal PowerPoint Presentation
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Maggie Galliers Principal

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Maggie Galliers Principal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maggie Galliers Principal
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  1. Senior Leadership Team Maggie Galliers Principal Sales and Marketing Graydon Thwaite Clerk/College Secretary Policy and Strategic Innovation Health and Safety Don Brooks Deputy Principal Quality, Planning and Corporate Services Keith Whittaker Deputy Principal Curriculum and Programmes Curriculum Resources and Administration Rod Wood Director of HR Alan Jones Assistant Principal 14-19 and HE Kully Sandhu Assistant Principal Skills for Life and Functional Skills Tracey Kinsley Assistant Principal Employer Engagement Shabir Ismail Director of Finance, Funding and Information HR Quality Improvement Student Services Accommodation and Campus Services Business and Computing ESOL Construction Finance Skills for Life Maths and English Hair and Beauty Performing Arts and Music Funding and Data Staff Development Student Support Networks Caring Professions Continuing Studies Exams ICTS E-learning Information Centres Creative Arts and Media Hospitality and Leisure Systems and Information Estates and Facilities Teacher Education Engineering Diversity Science Maths and Humanities Employer Engagement Partnerships Systems Development Re-engagement Nurseries Catering Services 14-19 Libraries Tendering and Awards Campus Services HE LEET ALS Leicester College Organisational Chart April 2012