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Maggie Stiefavater
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  1. Maggie Stiefavater By Joanne Parker

  2. Existing webpage This website is set in to 4 sections. At the beginning of one section it has a sidebar with the author picture in an old frame and her name underneath. On the last page you will see an aside section with a bit of the book and with social networking sites logo like Facebook and twitter. This website is one long page where you an move to one page to the next simply by moving the scroll bar across the screen.

  3. Home Page The first thing I noticed was the bookmark at the top of the page. This bookmark is relevant as the website is about an author. When you hover the mouse over it it moves downwards, and has a little picture of a house in the middle. This will lead you straight to the home page after you click on it. One of the first things you see when you get onto the web page is the authors picture in the middle of the page. The reason for doing this is so the target audience knows what the author look like and they might recognize her. Underneath Maggie Stirfvater it has a little patter, this also makes the page seem more like a book, and it also draws the readers attention. The colour and the style makes the page look like and old book. Maggie Stiefvater has her name in the middle of the web page in big letters in white so it would stand out for the audience. This will get her name known and the audience will have a name to go with the picture. This can also be interpreted as an introduction for herself on the website and identifying that it is her own work At the bottom of the page it says ”#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Shiver” This quote is selling her up which makes the audience more interested. There Is some stitching in the middle of the page which is similar to an old journal.

  4. The first words written on the next half of the page is “Welcome Reader” this is addressing the audience and makes the audience feel welcome. This will be the first thing the audience will see as it is at the top of the page and is bigger than the rest of the writing on the page and also it is in white on a dark background so it stands out. The background is a picture of the dark woods, this is relevant as Maggie books are mysterious and her most famous books the “Shiver” series is mostly taken inside the forest as it is about werewolves. Home Page The navigation bar is at the top of the page in white and in the orange background. When you select the mouse over one of the headings it will have a white line under t so you can see what you have highlighted. The writing of the quotes are in white which again draws the readers attention. However the quotes from they are from are in red this makes sure that the two writing are seen as different form one being the quote he other being who it is from. The black circles are a little transparent which makes a good effect. If you look closely you can see some light in the background picture of the forest, this makes the forest look more magical and in most of Maggi’s book they are mystical creatures such as fairies which some people may thing of them as mystical creatures. Underneath the writing there are black circles which have writing in them. These are quotes from magazines and newspapers. This draws the readers attention and it says that she got noticed for being a good writer. When you closer at the background pictures you can see that it has sheet tones which are basically little dots on the picture to make it look more like a painting or a drawing. This is relevant as it refers back to Maggie being a writer. The writing underneath the heading is small as it is not as important as the rest of the writing however it is in the colour white which stands out in front of the dark background There is some writing underneath “Welcome Reader” which is basically Maggie introducing herself and telling the audience what she does and what you can find on this website.

  5. All the writing on the page are all in white as it goes with the theme and next to the heading it also has similar patterns as the one on the front which adds to the style of the website which is elegant. Novels Page Again the nav bar is at the top with the bookmark which takes you back to the home page. This is in orange as it draws the readers attention to it. It also has a white line underneath it if you hover the mouse over a particular heading so you know which heading you have picked. One of the first thing you see on the Page is the title “Novels” which is what this page would be about. This is in big letter at the top so it would be the first thing you read and it is also in white which is the theme colour for the writing on the website. This page also has a background picture like the home page . The background picture on this page is a picture of something that look like ice tea and a book. This makes the picture look old which goes with the theme. Underneath the Novels heading it says the different novels that Maggie has written and when you click on it , it will go onto another page and when you select the title it will have a red line under it. In the middle of the page it says in a bright orange box “View official site” which leads to more information on a particular novel, this goes to another link. At the bottom it is just black as everything fades onto as you down further down he page. This makes the web age look less busy and complicated which draws the reader more into the website.

  6. This page looks like it is in a format of a journal again as it has the same colour and same stitching at the top and the side of the page. FAQ Page At the top of the page is a a search bar which make sit easier to search for things. It also has symbols of social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. This is so the audience can let their friends know Maggie and helps get her name out to the public. The writing on this page is different that the other pages as it is in the colour black instead of white, however the writing still stands out as it on the white background. On this page it also has the pattern underneath the title similar to the other pages again it goes with the elegant theme. The questions are neatly laid out on the page with a line underneath each one so you can differentiate and they highlight orange when you hover the mouse over it or click it. When you do click it, it drops down at the bottom of the question. It also has the months on the side of the page in small letters again in the colour white like the rest of the website. There is also a orange button that says “official site click here” where it leads you to the home page as this page does not have a nav bar. The page is on a dark brown background with tree trunks coming out from the sides this adds to the mysterious theme. This also makes the white page stand out.

  7. Moodboard

  8. Audience • My Target audience would be for people who read mostly teenager girls as the books are about non fiction characters and romance. • They would be for teenager girls because of the film Twilight. • Also because the book is mostly about romance and most girls love romantic and mysterious.

  9. Assets • For my home page I will have an animated banner displaying the author’s name to draw the readers attention to her name. • My pictures I will get from Google, however I will take some pictures of my own as I own most of her books. • I will have links that lead to more information on her books and where you can buy them also where to get in touch.

  10. Navigation Methods • I will use a vertical navigation bar with the pages in bullet points. They will highlight red when clicked on hovered on. • I will use a home page in a shape or a bookmark at the top of the page in the header, and this will be on every page. • In the tab of Books it will have a drop down menu where you can select what series you would like to view. • I will have sound of a blurb being spoken which other sound effects like the wind and I will have a video of the author being interviewed about a specific book and her work. • This video will be embed from YouTube and my sound file will be downloaded form the internet and converted to mp3 and put into the webpage

  11. Visual Style • The visual style of my website will be like a book. The background will be brown, and the writing white so it would stand out in front of the dark colour. • The writing will be elegant (Sacramento, 1 Style) as on most of her websites the writing is elegant and I would like a little similarity between my website and others. For the title and main headings the font will be Alfa Slab One, 1 Style.

  12. Meta Data • Maggie Stiefvater Youtube • Shiver Series Facebook • Ballard series • The Scorpio races • The Raven Boys • Brown Colour Schemes • Amazon • Good Reads • Google • Wikipedia