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The NRC and FLAS Application: Putting it all Together PowerPoint Presentation
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The NRC and FLAS Application: Putting it all Together

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The NRC and FLAS Application: Putting it all Together - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The NRC and FLAS Application: Putting it all Together. Presentation by: Cheryl E. Gibbs, Senior Program Officer Peter Baker, Program Officer February 2-3, 2009 International Education Programs Service. The criteria specific sessions provide guidance about how to respond to the

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the nrc and flas application putting it all together
The NRC and FLAS Application: Putting it all Together

Presentation by:

Cheryl E. Gibbs, Senior Program Officer

Peter Baker, Program Officer

February 2-3, 2009

International Education Programs Service


The criteria specific sessions provide guidance about how to respond to the

  • selection criteria, so that your narrative is compelling, complete, and concise.
  • This session offer tips for “packaging” your application to ensure that it is:
    • Reader friendly
    • Organized
    • Includes all required components
    • Meets the prescribed technical
    • requirements
This session concludes with provisions in the Higher Education Opportunities Act (HEOA) that were signed August 2008 and that have implications for NRC and FLAS program regulations. The regulations are in the drafting stage, and not yet final. STAY TUNED.
application components
Application Components
  • Application for Federal Assistance SF 424
  • Budget Form ED 424: Sections A and C
  • Detailed 4 Year NRC Budget
  • Detailed 4 Year FLAS Budget
  • Assurances, Certifications, Disclosure Forms
  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • Acronyms and Meanings
application components cont
Application Components (cont.)
  • Appendices: Timeline, Course List, Index to Bios, Bios
  • General Education Provisions Act (GEPA) Information

Note: The FY 2010 Closing Date Notice (CDN) and application

package will provide additional guidance about competition


allowable fonts
  • Arial
  • Courier
  • Courier New
  • Times New Roman



abstract tips
Insert a header that has the name of the institution and the name of the center or program

One page; single- or double-spaced. Use 1’ margin: top, bottom and sides

Make sure that all date references are correct

Include a brief summary of the activities that you are requesting NRC funding, for the FY 2010-2013 cycle

Abstract Tips
table of contents tips
Table of Contents Tips
  • Identify Institution and Center or Program
  • Reference all required components of the application in the table of contents
  • Use key words from the selection criteria to identify narrative sections. For example, I. Commitment to the Subject Area page 5
table of contents cont
Table of Contents (cont.)
  • Do not clutter the table of contents with a variety of fonts and numbering styles
  • It is easier to find information when the format is simple, clear, and consistent
acronyms list
Acronyms List
  • Include a one-page list of the acronyms used in the proposal (with meanings). Using acronyms throughout the narrative without prior explanations impedes the review of your application
your budget presentation includes
Your Budget Presentation Includes:
  • ED 524 Form:

Section A: Budget Summary

This is the form where you enter the NRC and FLAS program fund

Section C: The is your Detailed NRC and/or FLAS Budget for the 4-year grant cycle

  • NRC and FLAS Budget
  • Refer to sample budgets in packet
the application narrative tips
The Application Narrative Tips
  • Do not exceed the page limit for the narrative. The Closing Date Notice will announce the page limit for the FY 2010 competition.
    • The CDN includes the “warning” that an application will be rejected if it exceeds the page limit published in the CDN

Note:FY 2006 limits: Single Institution 40 pp Consortium 50 pp

application narrative cont
Application Narrative (cont.)

The narrative is the section of the application that addresses the selection criteria.

the application narrative cont
The Application Narrative (cont.)
  • To make good use of the narrative “real estate”, decide what information is better conveyed in a table or chart, and what information is better conveyed in “narration”
  • Answer the specific question(s) posed in the selection criterion and all subsections. Be thorough in your responses, convey what is relevant to the criterion
timeline tips
Timeline Tips
  • 4 pages maximum
  • The timeline maps out the Title VI budgeted activities for the project period, including absolute, invitational, and competitive priority projects
  • Cross reference activities in the timeline to the narrative and budget
timeline tips cont
Timeline Tips (cont.)
  • Use colors or shading to show the progression of project activities: beginning, ongoing, developed and phased off NRC funds
  • If you use colors, all submitted copies of the proposal should be in color
  • Indicate projects that will be assumed by the institution and when
  • Consortium applicants: clearly indicate activities that each center will conduct independently and activities that you will conduct together
course list tips
Course List Tips
  • Provide information for the following timeframes:
  • courses offered in 2008-2009 and the enrollments
  • 2009-2010 courses being offered and enrollments (if available)
  • 2010-2011courses to be offered
course list tips cont
Course List Tips (cont.)
  • Double side the Course List
  • Include the course number; name of course; instructor; # credits; term; undergraduate and graduate enrollments
  • Include information on cross-listed courses
  • Indicate courses that were, are, or will be supported with NRC funds
  • Specify percentage (25% -100% ) of area or international content for each course
course list tips cont1
Course List Tips (cont.)
  • If a course title does not allude to the area or international content, provide a note to explain the % content notated for that course
bio tips
Bio Tips
  • Begin bio section with an “index” that lists the name, position, department, and appendix page number
  • 2 Bios to a page
  • Full page bio for Project Director
  • Double-side pages
  • Present bios in a standard format for ease of reading
bio tips cont
Bios include:

Department and tenure status

Education (degree, institution, year)

Academic and related overseas experience

Language(s) with proficiency indicated (include scale and values)

% time dedicated to area or international studies

Area or international courses taught

Research and teaching specialization

Recent publications

Number of dissertations or theses supervised over past 5 years


Bio Tips (cont.)
bio tips cont1
Bio Tips (cont.)
  • Make sure the information is up to date
  • Do not include personal information such as marital status, children, etc.
higher education opportunities act heoa august 2008

There are provisions in the HEOA that impact the regulations for the NRC and FLAS programs. The next slides highlight provisions in the law that will be integrated into program regulations.

two activities are added that define a national resource center
Two activities are added that define a National Resource Center:
  • Supporting instructors of less commonly taught languages
  • Projects that support students in the

sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields to achieve foreign

language proficiency

clarifying language regarding outreach has been added as well as additional activities
Clarifying language regarding outreach has been added, as well as additional activities:
  • Partnerships or programs of linkage or outreach with state educational agencies or local educational agencies
  • Partnerships or programs of linkage or outreach with departments or agencies of Federal and State governments, including Federal or State scholarship programs for students in related areas
types of priorities
  • Section 75.105 of the Education Department General Education Regulations (EDGAR) authorizes the Secretary to establish annual priorities for a grant program
  • There are three kinds of priorities:
    • Absolute
    • Competitive
    • Invitational
types of priorities cont
  • ABSOLUTE priority: a specific focus (priority) that all applicants mustmeet under a particular program competition
  • COMPETITIVE priority: a focus (priority) that an applicant may be awarded some or all bonus points, depending on the extent to which the application meets the priority
types of priorities cont1
  • INVITATIONAL priority: a focus (priority) that does not receive additional points; and the applicant does not have to meet the invitational priority as a requirement for submitting an application under a given program
  • The invitational priority simply invites applications that meet the focus (priority)
closing date notice cdn
Closing Date Notice (CDN)
  • The CDN is the official announcement that invites applications under the NRC and FLAS Programs for FY 2010
  • The CDN (published in the Federal Register) includes information about estimated funds, the estimated number of grants, the application due date, transmittal instructions, selection criteria, priorities, and the technical requirements for the grant competition
closing date notice cont
Closing Date Notice (cont.)
  • The CDN information is official and binding. All applicants must adhere to the CDN requirements
  • The CDN is included in the NRC and FLAS application guidelines
  • The application guidelines will be updated for OMB approval before the FY 2010 competition