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PowerPoint presentation Prepared by: Karwan Ali

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PowerPoint presentation Prepared by: Karwan Ali - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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China’s English language policy for primary schools “English Language policy” “ YUANYUAN HU” University of Peshawar/ Pakistan. PowerPoint presentation Prepared by: Karwan Ali. Abstract.

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China’s English language policy for primary schools“English Language policy”“YUANYUAN HU”University of Peshawar/ Pakistan

PowerPoint presentation

Prepared by: Karwan Ali

  • This paper explores the implementation of China’s English language policy for primary schools in the 2004-5 school year through case studies of four public schools of different types.
  • the investigation of four schools illustrates that during 2004-5 the policy has not been universally implemented in school settings, because of various factors , including the school’s geographic location, size, administration, availability of teachers , and funding.
  • The impact of the global spread of English has manifested itself in language policy-making in various local contexts(Bamgbose 2003; Spolsky 2004) as cited in (Hu,2008).
  • In the hope that students can attain a higher level of competence in English by starting at an earlier age the decision made to teach English at the primary school level.
  • In China, on January 18, 2001(ministry of education) students are required to start learning English in the third grade rather than the first year of junior secondary schools. with references to policy implementation.

Primary schools located in cities is required to “gradually” implement the policy starting in fall 2001.

  • county seats and those located in towns is required to do so starting in fall 2002.
  • Accordingly a question arises as to whether schools have implemented the policy as required.
  • Lam’s(2005 : 114-15)as cited in (Hu,2008) investigated of ELT in four primary schools located in different cities (two coastal and two inland) reveals that the schools vary in their implementation of English curriculum.
aim research questions
Aim & Research questions
  • Aim: How the policy has been implemented in school settings in the 2004-5school year.
  • Research questions:
  • Have different types of schools been able to implement the policy?
  • What factors are affecting policy implementation?
  • What are the major problems arising in policy implementation?
  • What implications can be drawn?


  • The research questions suggest that primary schools of different types should be chosen for an in-depth exploration of policy implementation in school settings.
  • Thus adopted a case study.
  • Four public primary schools in Wenzhou Prefecture were selected as cases: School A, School B, School C, School D.
  • Data were collected mainly during May and June 2005 through documentary reviews (include official documents and people's Education press), interviews, and observations.