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SYSTEM. SYSTEM. What is the Go-Probe system?. Florida Probe “ Go-Probe System ”  Florida Probe FP32 Software and new Wireless Keypad Input Device. Go-Probe System includes: Site license for the entire office (view and print from any computer)

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What is the Go-Probe system?

Florida Probe “Go-Probe System”

Florida Probe FP32 Softwareand new Wireless Keypad Input Device

  • Go-Probe System includes:
  • Site license for the entire office (view and print from any computer)
  • Two workstation licenses and Two Wireless Keypads (enter data, view and print from any two computers) - MSRP $2,995
  • Additional workstation licenses with Keypads - MSRP $495

Laptop not included.


Wear on your wrist, arm, or leg. Attaches with quick-release Velcro strap. Easy to wipe clean.

Go-Probe wireless keypad & USB receiver



What can you do with it?

You can Chart perio exam data, Educate and Motivate your patients to accept needed therapies with this easy-to-use System.



Product Benefits

  • Solo Operator
  • Economically priced for GP offices
  • Ease of Use - use ANY periodontal probe
  • Wireless, Fast Data Entry
  • Ability to maintain asepsis
  • Additional Benefits
  • More reliable alternative to voice activation
  • Easy Installation and Training
  • Bridges with over 40+ Practice Management systems


Software Features and Benefits

  • Pre-exam educational videos and risk assessment screening
  • Superior charting and printouts
  • Talking software involves patient in memorable, co-diagnosis experience
  • Picture-oriented charts for greater patient understanding
  • Seeing is believing - sells necessary perio treatments ($10,000 per month)
  • Great for Insurance Use andas Informed Consent Record

Charting is automatedonce you enter the probe measurement by pressingthe appropriate number key –no need to write or say the number – the Go-Probe System does both!

Data can be entered byRDH or patient.



Features: Automatic Charting

The exam can be customized to record all or some of the following information: dentition, medical history, risk assessment, recession and hyperplasia, pocket depth, bleeding, suppuration, furcation, plaque, mobility, MGJ, and diagnosis.



Personal Page

Periodontal Screen

Risk Assessment Screen

Details: Software Screen Shots

What the intra-oral camera has donefor crown and bridge acceptance, the Go-Probe System does for perio and hygiene production.



Details: Patient Can Input Probing Data

"I had my patient enter her pocket depths on the Keypad. It was AMAZING!!!  She was very impressed she was able to be involved in the exam. She said it took her mind off the probing because she needed to concentrate on what she was doing. After the exam she appeared very motivated to make the changes necessary to improve her oral health."Angie Stone, RDH, BS



Identify Treatment areas quickly

Use the perio screen and chart to create a “treatment map” for scaling and root planing, subgingival antimicrobials or even laser use.

Adjunctive Therapies

Scaling & Root Planing



Value: Patient Treatment Acceptance

The real value of the

Go-Probe System is its ability to increase patient treatment acceptance.

Now, therapy can begin in the earliest stages of the disease, often preventing early bone loss and possible surgery.



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