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What Does Jane Do? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Does Jane Do?

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What Does Jane Do?
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What Does Jane Do?

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  1. What Does Jane Do?

  2. This is Jane Hi, I’m Jane.

  3. This is Lisa. Hello

  4. Jane and Lisa had been friends ever since they went to Nursery together. They were both really pleased when they stayed in the same class when they started Year 3. It’s great that we can still sit next to each other! I’m so glad you’re my friend Jane.

  5. When they started with their new teacher, a new boy joined their class too. His name was Richie. Hi, my name is Richie. I’m new to this school and I don’t really know anyone. Everyone else already has lots of friends, but I don’t.

  6. At first, he was seemed ok. Then he started to do nasty things. He would throw things at Lisa when the teacher wasn’t looking, or whisper mean things to her.

  7. He started to get more and more horrible to Lisa and she started to get really upset about it. He would call her nasty names, and sometimes he would take her snack too. She would feel a bit scared every time she saw Richie. She didn’t understand why he was being so mean to her. Leave me alone Richie! You’re horrible! No wonder you don’t have any friends!

  8. People saw that Richie was mean to Lisa, and kept away from him at break and lunchtimes. The less the other children played with Richie, the meaner he was to Lisa.

  9. Jane could see that her friend wasn’t happy, and so she decided to do something about it. Ill tell the teacher

  10. Jane went to tell Mrs Bloom about Richie and Mrs Bloom sent a message for Richie to come to her office. “Why are you being a bully Richie?” “Because I don’t have any friends” said Richie

  11. “That doesn’t meen you can bully though Richie”RepliedMrs Bloom. Then she said “Well I think I’ll have to tell the headtecher” “ Ok”

  12. Mrs Bloom told the Headtecher. Ok sir I will go and say sorry to Lisa. Well Richie please go and apoligise.

  13. Richie felt sorry for himself. I really think Lisa is upset I should apoligise

  14. Richie went to say sorry to Lisa. Its ok Richie do you want to come and play with us? Sorry Lisa. Ok Lisa.

  15. Lisa was fine. At least he said sorry ill be fine and Jane made it all better.

  16. All best friends This is amazing I cant believe I have friends.

  17. There all best friends. Thanks to me were all best friends