pride and prejudice by jane austen n.
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PRIDE AND PREJUDICE BY JANE AUSTEN. QUESTIONS ON THE TEXT. CHAPTER 1. 1 Why is there a lot of excitement in the Bennet house on this specific day? The Bennets have heard that Netherfield Park, a large estate near their home, has been rented.

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chapter 1

1 Why is there a lot of excitement in the Bennet house on this specific day?

The Bennets have heard that Netherfield Park, a large estate near their home, has been rented.

2 Who is Charles Bingley and why is he especially important to Mrs Bennet?

He is a rich, young, unmarried man who has rented Netherfield Park. Mrs Bennet wants him to marry one of her daughters.

3 Where did the Bennet women finally meet Charles Bingley?

They met him at a big party organised by one of their neighbours.

4 How did Mr Bingley act? How did Darcy act?

Charles Bingley was friendly to everyone and danced a lot, especially with Jane. Darcy wasn’t friendly. He also insulted Elizabeth by not wanting to dance with her.

chapter 2

1 Describe the differences in character between Elizabeth and Jane.

Elizabeth was more critical of people and saw their characters more clearly than Jane did.

2 Why did Mrs Bennet refuse to let Jane use the carriage to go to Netherfield Park? What was the result of this?She knew that it would rain and that Jane would be forced to stay the night and see Charles Bingley. Jane became ill and had to remain at Netherfield Park for a few days.

3 Why did Elizabeth decide to go to Netherfield Park and why did she stay there?

Elizabeth was worried about Jane and wanted to see her. She stayed because Jane asked her to.

4 How did Darcy’s feelings about Elizabeth change during the visit? How do we know that Caroline was jealous? Darcy began to admire Elizabeth and paid attention to her. Caroline said bad things about her and her family to Charles and Darcy.

chapter 3

1 Who is Mr Collins and why will he inherit everything the Bennets own after Mr Bennet’s death? He is Mr Bennet’s cousin, his closest male relative. Only men could inherit property and Mr Bennet has only got daughters.

2 Why has Mr Collins come to see the Bennets?

He has decided that it’s time he married and he wants to marry one of the Bennet girls.

3 Who is Lady Catherine de Bourgh?

She’s a very rich woman, and she’s Darcy’s aunt.

4 Why do you think Elizabeth refused Mr Collins’ proposal?

Because he was boring and arrogant.

5 Did Mr and Mrs Bennet have the same opinion about Elizabeth’s decision not to marry Mr Collins? Describe their reactions.No. Mr Bennet was happy that his favourite daughter had refused Mr Collins. Mrs Bennet wanted Elizabeth to marry as quickly as possible and she was upset that Elizabeth had not accepted.

chapter 4

1 Whydid Charlotte agreetomarryMr Collins?

She wantedindependencefromherparents and a comfortable and securefuture. She wasnotlookingforromanticlovelike Elizabeth.

2 HowdidtheBennetgirlsmeetMrWickham? Whatimpressiondid he makeonthem? They methim in thetown of Meryton. He wasanarmyofficer and he wasstationedthere. He madeanexcellentimpressiononthem.

3 HowdidDarcy and Wickhamreactwhentheysaweachother?

They werebothshocked and DarcyquicklyrodeAway.

4 WhatexplanationdidWickhamgiveto Elizabeth abouthisreactiontoDarcy? He toldherthatDarcy’sfatherhadbeenhisfather’semployer and hadpromisedhimmoney and property. Afterhisfather’sdeath, Darcywentagainsthisfather’spromises.

chapter 5

1 Elizabeth suspects that somebody is responsible for Charles’ rejection of Jane. Who is that person? Elizabeth suspects that Caroline doesn’t want Charles to marry Jane.

2 Who invited Jane to go to London and Why?

Mr and Mrs Gardiner, Jane’s uncle and aunt, invited her to go to London to help her forget her sadness over Charles.

3 How did Jane finally see that Caroline was not her good friend?

Caroline came to see her in London only once, two weeks after her arrival. When she came, she was cold and unfriendly.

4 Mrs Gardiner tells Elizabeth that she is worried about her friendship with Wickham. What did Elizabeth answer her?

Elizabeth explained that she wasn’t in love with Wickham, so her aunt shouldn’t worry.

chapter 6

1 Why did Elizabeth agree to visit Charlotte?

Charlotte had been her good friend for a long time. Elizabeth also missed Jane and knew that she could visit her on the way.

2 What was Elizabeth’s impression of Miss de Bourgh? Why did she wish Darcy to marry her? She found her sickly, thin and arrogant. She didn’t like Darcy and wanted him to marry her and to be unhappy.

3 What was Elizabeth’s opinion of Lady Catherine?

She found her very insulting and didn’t like her at all.

4 How does Elizabeth find out that it was Darcy who convinced Charles not to marry Jane? What is her reaction? Darcy’s cousin, Fitzwilliam, tells her this. She is shocked and angry.

5 What two reasons does Elizabeth give Darcy for refusing his offer of marriage? She tells him that she detests the way he treated Wickham and she won’t forgive him for ruining Jane’s relationship with Charles Bingley.

chapter 7

1 Why was Elizabeth surprised that Darcy wanted to marry her?

Darcy had convinced Charles not to marry Jane because she wasn’t rich and had no important connections. There was no difference between Elizabeth and Jane, yet Darcy wanted to marry Elizabeth.

2 Why did Darcy write the letter to Elizabeth?

She had accused him of two things and he wanted her to know the truth about them.

3 How did Darcy explain the fact that he hadn’t wanted Charles to marry Jane?

He knew that Charles loved Jane but he thought that Jane didn’t love Charles, so he thought he was protecting his good friend.

4 Why did Darcy hate Wickham?

Wickham’s behaviour was not good or moral. He demanded all the money from Darcy’s father in one go and spent it very fast. Then he tried to secretly marry Darcy’s sister, Georgiana, although he didn’t love her. He just wanted her money.

5 What was Elizabeth’s reaction to Darcy’s letter?

She believed Darcy and no longer blamed him for his behaviour. She saw he had good qualities.

chapter 8

1 Elizabeth decided not to tell Jane the real reason for Charles Bingley’s behaviour. Why? The truth would not change anything. It would only hurt her feelings more because it was clear that Jane still loved him.

2 How did Jane feel after hearing the true story of Wickham’s behaviour?

She was shocked because she always wanted to believe that people were good.

3 Why did the sisters decide not to tell anyone the truth about Wickham?

They knew that Wickham’s regiment was moving to Brighton and they thought that no one would see him again.

4 Why was Elizabeth worried about Lydia’s going to Brighton alone?

Elizabeth knew that Lydia was not very intelligent and she often acted stupidly.

5 Why did Elizabeth’s feelings towards Darcy change when she visited Pemberly?

Elizabeth’s respect for Darcy grew after she heard about all the good things he had done. She understood that his character was much better than she had thought.

chapter 9

1 Elizabeth was surprised when she met Darcy’s sister, Georgiana. Why?

Elizabeth had expected Georgiana to be an arrogant, vain young woman. But she was really a shy young girl and Elizabeth liked her immediately.

2 What did the Gardiners learn about Wickham from their friends? How did this change their opinion of him?He had not acted with integrity. When he left, he owed money to a lot of people and Darcy paid his debts for him. They understood that Wickham was not a good person and they were happy that Elizabeth was not involved with him.

3 Why did Caroline behave so nastily to Elizabeth?

Caroline was jealous of Elizabeth because she wanted Darcy for herself.

4 What did Caroline say after Elizabeth and the Gardiners left the hotel, and what effect did this have on Darcy? She said disagreeable things about Elizabeth. This made Darcy angry and he left the room.

chapter 10

1 What does Elizabeth learn from Jane’s first letter?

Elizabeth learns that Lydia has run away with Wickham and that the young couple plan to marry in Scotland.

2 Why does Elizabeth feel that she is responsible for what happened?

Elizabeth feels responsible because she did not warn Lydia that Wickham had no honour or integrity.

3 Why does Mr Bennet apologise to Elizabeth when he returns from London?

He apologises because he did not listen to Elizabeth’s advice. He made a mistake when he let Lydia go to Brighton alone.

4 Wickham is willing to marry Lydia on one condition. What is it?

Mr Bennet must agree to give him a certain sum of money immediately and another sum of money every month.

chapter 11

1 What does Mrs Bennet think about Lydia’s marriage? Do you think that would be the typical opinion of any 19th century mother? Why? She is delighted! She is just happy her daughter is getting married and she doesn’t care to whom. No. I think the typical 19th century mother would be worried about the dishonour such a marriage would cause her family.

2 How do we know that Lydia does not feel “horrible” about all the trouble she caused?

Lydia was as noisy and wild as always. She talked all the time and didn’t notice that her father and older sisters were very quiet.

3 List three ways Darcy helped the Bennet family.

A) He found Lydia and Wickham in London. B) He paid all Wickham’s debts and agreed to pay him a large amount every year. C) He said he would find Wickham a new position in the army.

4 According to Mrs Gardiner, what was the real reason for Darcy’s helpfulness?

Mrs Gardiner thought he was so helpful because he was in love with Elizabeth.

5 Mrs Bennet is delighted to see Bingley but she is rued to Darcy. Why does she treat both men so differently? Mrs Bennet is nice to Bingley because she hopes he will marry Jane. She is rude to Darcy because she thinks he is an arrogant man who once insulted Elizabeth and treated Wickham badly.

chapter 12

1 How does Jane’s engagement to Bingley improve the family’s status in the neighbourhood? Before the engagement, everyone thought they were “the poor Bennets” because of Lydia’s bad behaviour, but now the neighbours think they are “the lucky Bennets” because their daughter is engaged to a rich man.

2 Why does Lady Catherine come to visit Elizabeth?

Lady Catherine wants to know if Elizabeth is engaged to Darcy or not, and to tell her she will never agree to it.

3 Why doesn’t Lady Catherine approve of Elizabeth’s family?

The Bennets haven’t got any money or connections. Their family’s behaviour is terrible.

4 After Lady Catherine’s visit, Elizabeth and Darcy get together. Why? Explain the way Elizabeth and Darcy reacted to this visit. Darcy realises Elizabeth’s opinion of him has changed because of her hostile reaction to his aunt’s ultimatum. Elizabeth felt very upset and sad. Lady Catherine’s visit gave Darcy the courage to speak to Elizabeth again.

5 Why is everyone surprised when Elizabeth and Darcy decide to marry?

Everyone thought Elizabeth disliked Darcy. She didn’t tell anyone that her feelings had changed.