the sun the earth and the energy in the atmosphere n.
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The Sun, The Earth, and the Energy in the Atmosphere PowerPoint Presentation
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The Sun, The Earth, and the Energy in the Atmosphere

The Sun, The Earth, and the Energy in the Atmosphere

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The Sun, The Earth, and the Energy in the Atmosphere

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  1. The Sun, The Earth, and the Energy in the Atmosphere By: Cristina Andrade

  2. Questions • ¿Knows that the Sun is the principle energy source for phenomena on the Earth’s surface (ex. winds, ocean currents, the water cycle, plant growth)? • ¿Knows how the tilt of the Earth’s axis and the Earth’s revolution around the sun affect seasons and weather patterns (ex. Heat falls more intensely on one part or another of the Earth’s surface during its revolution around the sun)?

  3. The Sun • The Sun is the most important source of energy in Earth • It gives us clean energy ex: using solar panels

  4. Sun affects wind • Sun heats the atmosphere • The atmosphere creates hot air that goes up and then cold air that goes down, and that creates air currents • Currents move the wind mills that are like turbines.

  5. Sun affects water cycle • Evaporation from the sea water by the sun • Sun heats water and creates vapor • When it rains water goes to the rivers and from the rivers hydroelectric power is created • The suns heat causes water molecules to break apart • Heat changes the water into water vapor causing evaporation.

  6. Sun affects plant growth • Light of sun creates photosynthesis • Light of the sun transforms water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen or glucose and that is called the photosynthesis process. • Photosynthesis cause plants to be green

  7. Sun affects ocean currents • The sun heats the atmosphere creating winds and movement in the sea surface through friction • Wind blows hard that cause movement in the water surface creating ocean currents. • Sun alters density of the ocean surface water by changing its temperature and its salinity • When water is cooler or saltier because of evaporation, density of water increase, and this can result that water can be unstable.

  8. Sun affect seasons • Seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earths rotational axis toward the sun as it travels all year long around the sun. • Equator don’t have seasons since sun always gives the same heat • Winter- when sun is not there, is very dark • Summer- when sun is in front, many light • Autumn and spring- sun is in the sides

  9. Pictures seasons

  10. Video • If you want to see the video copy the link and it will take you directly to the video •

  11. Wind causes • Atmospheric pressure is the main cause of winds because: • Hotter places will have less air pressure because it has less dense air, and when air is more dense in one spot, and less dense in another, the air wants to balance the pressure so when air moves because of this it causes wind. • Change in temperature since: • Air is not heated in the same point with the same intensity

  12. Wind patterns • Wind patterns is also known as general circulation • When the sun heats directly the region is the equator- sun heats the air and leaves low pressure areas • Windsare affectedbythe Coriolis effect • Thearea of calm is called doldrums- no steady surface winds

  13. Wind patterns • Wind patterns: • Tropical Easterlies: 0-30 degrees latitude- warm, steady winds that blow almost always. • Prevailing Westerlies: 30-60 degrees latitude- winds that move to the poles curve to the east • Polar Easterlies: 60-90 degrees latitude- join with prevailing westerlies to reduce upward motion, they form when the atmosphere cools from the poles

  14. Energy in the Atmosphere • The energy is transferred from the Atmosphere by three ways: convection, conduction, and radiation • The sun rays take like a 46 percent of energy to the earth • Solar energy is the most important energy since the sun transferred it through the atmosphere and then other types of energy are created

  15. Pictures

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