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What is Media? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Media?

What is Media?

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What is Media?

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  1. What is Media? Avenues to Reach Potential Customers • TV Magazines • Radio Billboards • Internet • Newspaper

  2. Media Planners Person (or Group) that seek to reach the largest possible percentage of their target audience while keeping their advertising spending within a set budget. TV Ad Billboard Radio Ad

  3. To accomplish this, they define one or more target segments that are likely to purchase their product. These segments are normally defined by common demographic categories Income Level Gender Race Marital Status

  4. A successful media planner chooses media that is targeted at the demographic segments he/she needs to reach. This maximizes the impact the planner will get from a given dollar of ad spending. How do they do this???? Market Research

  5. By carrying out consumer market research a company will be able to understand how their potential customers feel, behave and what they expect from a certain product. By getting this information a company will not only be able increase their performance but also the profits.

  6. Good quality consumer market research will help companies to enhance the relationships with the customers they have at the moment, help to retain more customers as well as get new ones coming to their door. After all the information has been analyzed, a company will then plan their marketing strategies to ensure that they are much more effective.

  7. Strategic Media Planning Discover every type of media from newspapers, to magazines, to radio stations, Internet or TV to try to reach a specific part of the population. So the real trick is actually trying to match your target audience to the types of media they are likely to use. What you need to remember is that effective marketing is using a form of media that is going to reach those customers you are trying to attract. What type of media would you use trying to sell a product to someone just like you???