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Can you imagine an old man riding backwards on his donkey ? PowerPoint Presentation
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Can you imagine an old man riding backwards on his donkey ?

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Can you imagine an old man riding backwards on his donkey ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Can you imagine an old man riding backwards on his donkey ? If so , you have just met an immortal 13th century character - Nasreddin Hodja. Let’s take a short trip into the world of this strange and funny person .

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Can youimagine an oldmanridingbackwards on his donkey?

Ifso, youhavejust met an immortal 13th centurycharacter- NasreddinHodja


Let’stake a shorttripintotheworld of thisstrangeandfunnyperson.


It is obviousthat he is a man of wit, common sense, satire andevenridiculewhoknowsverywellhumanpsychologyandthesystem of thesocietythosetimes.


Manyreseacheshavebeenmadeabouthimandtheyshowthatthistalentedgeniouslived in the 13th century, probablybetween 1208-1284, andthat he wasborn in a smallvillagecalled Sivrihisar in Anatolia.


Since onlyreligiousschoolsexisted in thosecenturies, he studiedtheIslamicreligionandbecame a “Kadi” (a magistrate) in Akşehir, again in Anatolia, anddiedthere.


But, his anecdotesandstoriesremainedforcenturiesandstillpeoplelaugh at themtoday. Also, his storiesaretranslatedintomanydifferentlanguagesandpeoplecomeacrosswiththiswittymanand his “donkey”, themostwidespreadvehicleandsymbol in manyanecdotes.

so let s listen to one of them a small conversation between the hodja and his wife now
So, let’s listen toone of them, a smallconversationbetweentheHodjaand his wifenow:

THEN, WHERE IS THE CAT?Onceupon a time theHodjabroughthomesomemeat, but never had a chancetoeat it. His wifeeitherate it herselforserved it to her friends, andeach time theHodjaaskedforsomemeat, shesaid,“Thecatstole it. I ranafter it, but I couldn’tcatch it.”Oneday, when his wifeagaintoldhimthatthecat, had eatenthe 2 kilos of themeat he had brought, theHodjagrabbedthecatandweighed it. Itweighed 2 kilos. Then, theHodjaturnedto his wifeandsaid,“Ifthis is thecat, then, where is themeat? But, ifthis is themeat, then, where is thecat?”