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Little Red Riding Hood

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Little Red Riding Hood. The Truth???. The Stories. Red Riding Hood. Quit. Wood chopper. Grandma. Wolf. Little Red Riding Hood. Hi, My name is Red Riding Hood, Red for Short.

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Little Red Riding Hood

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the stories
The Stories

Red Riding Hood


Wood chopper



little red riding hood3
Little Red Riding Hood

Hi, My name is Red Riding Hood, Red for Short.

One day Dad asked me to take some goodies to Grandmas house.The basket had cakes and wine because Grandma was sick.

little red riding hood4
Little Red Riding Hood

As I walked through the woods I meet a big wolf. He was very charming and asked me where I was going. I told him I was on my way to Grandma’s house to give her some goodies. He offered to take me there but I said no and he left.

little red riding hood5
Little Red Riding Hood

When I arrived at Grandma’s house it was very quiet. I went inside and up to Grandma’s bed but she looked different.

I woke her up and said “Grandma what BIG eyes you have”.

She said “All the better to see you with”.

“Grandma, what BIG ears you have”.

“All the better to hear you with”.

“Grandma, what BIG teeth you have”.

“All the better to EAT YOU!!”

The wolf jumped up and chased me.

little red riding hood6
Little Red Riding Hood

Daddy bust into the room and chased the wolf. He swung his axe and cut the wolf’s tail off. The wolf ran out the door and was never seen again.

We found Grandma locked in a cupboard and let her out.

wood chopper
Wood Chopper

Hi, my name’s Fred. I live at the edge of the forest with my wife and daughter. I will tell you a story if you will listen.

wood chopper8
Wood Chopper

A couple of hours later I was walking passed Grandmother’s placewhen I heard awful snores coming from the inside the cottage. I thought I would go in and see why Grandma and my daughter were snoring so loudly. When I went up to the bedroom I saw the terrible, dreadful wolf lying there. I screamed to myself , “You wicked creature!” With that I got my axe and cut off the wolf’s tail.

wood chopper9
Wood Chopper

I saw Red hiding behind a chair and gave her a hug. We searched the cottage for Grandma and found her in a cupboard. She was very frighten but unhurt.

wood chopper10
Wood Chopper

We all shared the cake and then said “Goodbye.”


<Introduce your character>


<Describe your cottage and how you felt>


<Describe what happened on the day>


<What happen next>

the wolf
The Wolf

<Introduce your character>

the wolf16
The Wolf

<Describe how you meet Red Riding Hood>

the wolf17
The Wolf

<Describe what happened at the cottage>

the wolf18
The Wolf

<What happen next>

the end
The End

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