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Evolution. Science or Theory?. What We Will Look At. Definition of science and theory What Evolution is History of Evolution What “evidence” is there? Why it is wrong: Science Why it is wrong: the Bible. Definitions.

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Science or Theory?

what we will look at
What We Will Look At
  • Definition of science and theory
  • What Evolution is
  • History of Evolution
  • What “evidence” is there?
  • Why it is wrong: Science
  • Why it is wrong: the Bible
  • Science- organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations about the universe
  • Theory- provides a framework for an observed event that can have multiple elements that can be proven or challenged
what evolution is
What Evolution Is
  • Evolution is the change in the inherited characteristics of a population
  • Evolution can be separated into two categories: micro and macro
  • Microevolution is small changes within a species to help it survive (Ex: finches with different beaks to get food)
  • Macroevolution is when a change occurs to make an entirely new kind (Ex: apes evolve into man)
  • There are other elements of evolution that usually aren't labeled as such like the “Big Bang”, the day age view, and “Missing links”
history of evolution
History of Evolution
  • Greek philosophers such as Aristotle were the first to propose that one kind of animal could come from another
  • History is mostly silent on this topic until Charles Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species in 1859
  • Other scientists during this era had other theories that connected to Darwin’s, but just seemed all jumbled together until the scientific advances in the late 1900’s, which is when the modern theory of evolution was invented
what evidence is there exhibit a java man
What “evidence” is there?Exhibit A: Java Man
  • Java Man was discovered in 1887 by Eugene Dubois on the island of Java
  • What was found was a tooth, piece of a skull, and a thigh bone
  • The thigh bone was later discovered to be from a modern man and the skull fragment from a monkey
what evidence is there exhibit b piltdown man
What “evidence” is there?Exhibit B: Piltdown Man
  • Piltdown Man was discovered in 1913 by Charles Dawson in East Sussex, England
  • What was “found” were jaw and skull fragments
  • It was later discovered that these fragments were forged and not real
what evidence is there exhibit c rhodesian man
What “evidence” is there?Exhibit C: Rhodesian Man
  • Rhodesian Man was discovered in 1921 by Tom Zwiglaar in a mine in Northern Rhodesia
  • What was found was a skull and other bone fragments
  • Years later it was admitted that they belong to modern man
what evidence is there exhibit d nebraska man
What “evidence” is there?Exhibit D: Nebraska Man
  • Nebraska Man was discovered in 1922 by Harold Cook in Nebraska
  • What was found was a single tooth
  • It was later discovered that the tooth didn’t even belong to an ape or a man, but a pig
what evidence is there exhibit e orce man
What “evidence” is there?Exhibit E: Orce Man
  • Orce Man was discovered in 1983 in Orce, England
  • What was found was a skull cap
  • It was later discovered that the skull cap belonged to a young donkey, not a young missing link
why it is wrong science the big bang what it is
Why It Is Wrong: ScienceThe Big Bang: What it is
  • One element that is often associated with macroevolution is the “Big Bang”
  • The Big Bang is a theory that states that at the beginning of the universe, there was a big explosion that created the universe and spread particles of matter everywhere
  • The denser matter had gravity and combined with matter around it to form stars and gas clouds which formed galaxies
  • Then the universe just kept expanding and evolving and billions of years later, we show up
why it is wrong science the big bang why its wrong
Why It Is Wrong: ScienceThe Big Bang: Why its wrong
  • The Big Bang Theory requires the existence of dark matter and dark energy, which doesn’t exist
  • All of the galaxies should be moving away from a certain point in space, but some run perpendicular to other galaxies
  • For the Big Bang to ever become science, it needs to be able to be testable, according to the scientific method
why it is wrong the bible the big bang and missing links
Why It Is Wrong: The BibleThe Big Bang and Missing links
  • The Big Bang:
    • Gen 1:1-8 God created, spoke the universe into existence
    • Isa 45:12 God created the earth
  • The Missing Links:
    • Gen 1:26-27 God created in His own image
    • Gen 2:7-8 The actual creation of man in detail
    • Isa 45:12 God created man on the earth
why it is wrong the bible the day age view
Why It Is Wrong: The BibleThe Day Age View
  • This view states that each day in the days of creation were ages, not 24-hour periods of time
  • The bible teaches that the days of creation are 24-hour days
    • Gen 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31 It says evening and morning, which would be 24-hour periods of time
    • Mark 10:6 Jesus said that from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. If the world took 4.6 billion years to create, and man was created at the end (after about 4.5 billion years), man would only have been on the earth for .00000217% of the time, which would not be the beginning of creation.
conclusion the evidence
ConclusionThe “Evidence”
  • Exhibit A: Java Man
  • Exhibit B: Piltdown Man
  • Exhibit C: Rhodesian Man
  • Exhibit D: Nebraska Man
  • Exhibit D: Orce Man
  • None of these are evidence that evolution is true. All have been proven false and do not exist.
conclusion the theories
ConclusionThe Theories
  • The Big Bang
  • The Day Age View
  • Macroevolution
  • All these are just theories. None of them are testable and none of them have ever been observed