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Evolution. Harper Hottendorf BSCS Biology Period 2. What is Evolution?.

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  1. Evolution Harper Hottendorf BSCS Biology Period 2

  2. What is Evolution? Evolution, according to Mr. Patino, is the biologically genetic change of a large population over a period of time. Our phenotypes, physical characteristics, are determined by our genotypes. This means when our genotypes are changed, so do our phenotypes. Evolution is largely associated with the man Charles Darwin, who was considered one of the first persons to identify evolution. He determined that all living organisms have descended throughout time from common ancestors, and evolution occurred from natural selection. Natural selection is parallel to the idea of artificial selection, where basically only the strong survive. The difference between these two is that artificial selection is when humans control the input so the output is more beneficial to them

  3. Some Examples… • Plants and Animals • Any type of organism http://scienceblogs.com/observations/wp-content/blogs.dir/348/files/2012/04/i-8c66c4d51330345ea25f9764619ec10e-human-evolution.gif

  4. GMO’s vs GEO’s For example, have you ever head of a GMO (genetically modified organism.) GMO’s are all natural, it is the plant or animals adapting to the environment to survive. Yet people are complaining about GMO’s because they are NOT science literate, along with 90% of the rest of the American nation. They do not know the difference between GMO’s and GEO’s (Genetically engineered organisms.) GEO’s are artificial selection; humans modify the DNA of organisms so the organism is more beneficial to human needs, or more ascetically pleasing.

  5. Science Literacy This is one example of science illiteracy. Everything around us has to do with science and if we don’t understand how it works and functions we will not be aware, and being uneducated is one of the worst feelings you could have. Everyone should be taught properly on science related knowledge because of the high importance it has in this world. http://cache.boston.com/bonzai-fba/Third_Party_Photo/2009/07/25/scienceinside__1248524624_1135.jpg

  6. What's the problem?? Earlier in the semester we read an article on antibiotic resistance, and how medical technology is used to treat or cure infectious disease. Now Mr. Patino is posing to us the question of whether all students attending school [K-12] should be vaccinated against infectious diseases or not. http://welcomelittlestranger.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/0511-0811-1717-0449_vaccine_and_hypodermic_needle_clipart_image.png

  7. My Opinion… I believe that although some diseases could be life threatening, we should not be vaccinated during this time period. If our body becomes dependent on vaccines while sick it’s immune system will not know how to protect itself. And also the diseases will evolve and learn how to beat the vaccination, which is called a superbug. If the diseases can beat the vaccine then it will be so superior to our immune system because we have had no contact or experience with that kind of diseases. I think vaccinations should be available, yet you should only take it as a last resort, or if the disease is known to be fatal.

  8. Possible Solutions Keeping yourself healthy, and having good hygiene can help you fight off sicknesses. Eating the right foods and constantly washing your hands will keep you healthy and strong. Our bodies and immune system will evolve and learn how to keep fighting diseases, rather than handing the fight off to a vaccination. http://thinkprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Healthy-Foods.jpg

  9. The End! 

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