the harlem renaissance arna bontemps n.
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The Harlem Renaissance Arna Bontemps

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The Harlem Renaissance Arna Bontemps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Harlem Renaissance Arna Bontemps. By: Cassidy Heil. What is the Harlem Renaissance?. The Harlem Renaissance is a renewal and flourishing of black literary and musical culture  during the years after World War I in the Harlem section of New York City. . Arna Bontemps.

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what is the harlem renaissance
What is the Harlem Renaissance?

The Harlem Renaissance isa renewal and flourishing of black literary and musical culture during the years after World War I in the Harlem section of New York City.

about arna
About Arna

Arna Bontemps was born in Alexandria, Louisiana. He mostly wrote about the struggles and hard times of the Black Americans. His writings were an important contribution to this time period.

god give to men by arna bontemps
God Give to Men by Arna Bontemps

God give the yellow manan easy breeze at blossom time.Grant his eager, slanting eyes to coverevery land and dreamof afterwhile. Give blue-eyed men their swivel chairsto whirl in tall buildings.Allow them many ships at sea,and on land, soldiersand policemen.For black man, God,no need to bother morebut only fill afresh his meedof laughter,his cup of tears.God suffer little menthe taste of soul's desire.


This poem is stating that white people have life so much easier then black people. For example, he says, “God give the yellow man an easy breeze at blossom time.” In this sentence he is saying that god makes everything come easy to white men. But for the black people, god makes everything so much harder and black men suffer more.


The tone of this poem is trying to make you feel depressed, and sad that black people are treated differently then white people. He basically says that white people get everything they want and dream for, and black people don’t get anything they deserve or want for hard work.

literary devices
Literary Devices

“Give blue-eyed men their swivel chairs” -Imagery

-Makes you paint a picture in your mind of what she’s saying.

Juxtaposition- an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

  • She uses juxtaposition by contrasting the differences between black and white people.
interesting facts
Interesting facts

Like his close friend Langston Hughes and their fellow writers in the Harlem Renaissance, Arna Bontemps explored African-American experience in a wide variety of genres. As a poet, novelist, historian, anthologist and archivist, he enriched and preserved black cultural heritage.

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