reporting and presenting research findings l.
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Reporting and Presenting Research Findings PowerPoint Presentation
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Reporting and Presenting Research Findings

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Reporting and Presenting Research Findings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reporting and Presenting Research Findings. Effective Writing. Clear, concise, direct Thoughts are complete Attention given to details such as grammar, spelling Flow of thoughts. Quantitative Research Reporting.

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effective writing
Effective Writing
  • Clear, concise, direct
  • Thoughts are complete
  • Attention given to details such as grammar, spelling
  • Flow of thoughts
quantitative research reporting
Quantitative Research Reporting
  • Recall, the opening sections of the proposal should be the foundation of the section introduction
    • Background
    • Research Problem (w/ research concepts)
    • Methodology & Procedure
    • Sample frame
    • Research Instruments
reporting the findings
Reporting The Findings
  • Frame a percentages and proportions in absolute numerical terms

“Sixty percent (n= 18) of the sample either strongly agreed or agreed with the statement that the holiday season tends to cause a great deal of anxiety.”

the use of data in reports
The Use of Data In Reports
  • Tables should support discussion points

“Third quarter performance peaked dramatically in the East relative to the West and North. Overall brand performance remained stagnant from region to region in the first, second, and fourth quarters.”

discussion interpretation
Discussion & Interpretation
  • Graphics, tables in the context of the written presentation should be minimized
  • More is not necessarily better
discussion interpretation7
Discussion & Interpretation
  • Revisit the Research Problem Statement
    • Organize discussion around concepts of interest, research concepts
  • Don’t just spout numbers; tell the story behind the data
    • Highlight, topline, and synthesize information
discussion interpretation8
Discussion & Interpretation
  • Leave the reader with food for thought
    • What does the quantitative data suggest?
    • Based on complete evidence in the data gathered, what conclusions can be drawn?
    • What recommendations, suggestions can be made to address the marketing problem?
the conclusion recommendations
The Conclusion & Recommendations
  • Make proactive recommendations for marketing the product based on the evidence uncovered in research
  • Look for opportunities to appeal to the target market
    • Are there benefits that should be addressed?
    • Are there attributes that have unique appeal?
the conclusion recommendations10
The Conclusion & Recommendations
  • Look for opportunities in target market segmentation
    • Are there segmentation considerations?
  • What should the message strategy be?
appendix references
Appendix References
  • Cite Exhibit tables in a separate appendix section
    • Each table labeled with a numerical identifier
    • Columns are clearly labeled
      • Reminder: SPSS printouts should be not be bound with the report
the use of data in reports12
The Use of Data In Reports
  • Bar charts are appropriate for category comparisons
  • Pie charts visually represent portions of the whole
the written presentation part ii
The Written Presentation – Part II
  • Organization of the written presentation for Quantitative Research should follow a recommended format
the written presentation part ii14
The Written Presentation – Part II
  • Introduction/Background
  • Research Objectives
  • Concepts of Interest
  • Research Method
    • Discuss method, instrument, and implementation of method (e.g., means for recruiting, )
  • Research Sample
      • Discuss sample frame, number recruited, profile of participants
      • Remember: Classification questions
the written presentation part ii15
The Written Presentation – Part II
  • Findings
    • Organize presentation sub-topics by COI
    • Discuss questions that fall logically into COI area
  • Quantitative Research Conclusions
  • Limitations
  • Recommendations for Future Research
the written presentation part ii16
The Written Presentation – Part II
  • Marketing recommendations
    • Recall the purpose of the research exercise was “to understand college students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors” toward the Nintendo Wii
  • Based on what your team found, what can you offer Nintendo in terms of research insights that can be used for marketing?
  • The final project should:
    • Reflect a comprehensive research report (including secondary, qualitative, & quantitative)
    • Include recruitment screeners from qualitative research
tips for the presentation
Tips for the Presentation
  • All members need not present, but all must attend
    • Put the strongest person(s) forward
    • Use others’ strengths where necessary
  • Support your team members
  • Support other teams
presentation do s in 8 minutes or less
Presentation Do’s in 8 minutes or less
  • Do introduce yourself and your team members and your project focus early in the presentation
  • Do establish an outline that will be used to present your research
  • Do highlight, summarize the process and findings from research
  • Do rehearse before the presentation
the biggest do
The Biggest Do
  • Be professional, but DO HAVE FUN
presentation don ts
Presentation Don’ts
  • Don’t hide behind an avalanche of slides/overhead transparencies
  • Don’t be a distraction to yourself or to the speaker (Be attentive)
  • Don’t stop the presentation because the “script,” or the technology, isn’t working
    • It’s not about the show, its about the information
    • No one knows the data better than you and your team
presentation faqs
Presentation FAQs
  • Can we use Powerpoint technology to make the presentation?
  • Are all group member required to present?
  • Will the instructor need a copy of our presentation in addition to the report?
course faqs
Course FAQs
  • When will I get my final grade?
  • How should I access my grade?
  • Can I email or call you earlier than the posting date to get my grade?
  • Will I be able to see the final project after the grade is in?
  • Can I or my team have the final project returned at the end of the semester?
  • Office hours during the exam period
  • Please review your scores thoroughly before Friday, December 12, to ensure accuracy in points total