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ROCOCO. Definition of Rococo. R ococo , also referred to as "Late Baroque", is an 18th-century artistic movement and style, which affected several aspects of  the arts  including painting, sculpture,  architecture, interior, design, decoration, literature, music and  theatre .

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definition of rococo
Definition of Rococo
  • Rococo, also referred to as "Late Baroque", is an 18th-century artistic movement and style, which affected several aspects of the arts including painting, sculpture, architecture, interior, design, decoration, literature, music and theatre.
  • Rococodeveloped in the early part of the 18th century in Paris, France as a reaction against the grandeur, symmetry and strict regulations of the Baroque, especially that of the Palace of Versailles.
  • Rococo was the dominant style during the first half of the century, although it enjoyed manifestations throughout Europe.
  • “Rococo" probably derived from a combination of the first two syllables of the French wordsrocaille (a form of rockwork found in architectural ornament and decorative arts) andcoquillage (a shell motif that accompanied therocaille )
facts of rococo
Facts of Rococo
  • The style was characterized by a free, graceful movement, a playful use of line and delicate colours.
  • Jean-Antoine Watteau (French, 1684-1721) is often referred to as the greatest of the Rococo painters, and his picture of the Embarkation for Cythera demonstrates the elegance of this style.
  • The Rococo is sometimes considered a final phase of the Baroque period.
popular rococo artists
Popular Rococo Artists

Étienne Maurice


Jean-Antoine Watteau

André Le Nôtre

rococo in different artistic modes
Rococo in different artistic modes
  • Such as :
  • Furniture and decorative objects
  • Garden designs
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Painting
  • Sculpture