dol level 4 week 6
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DOL level 4 week 6

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DOL level 4 week 6 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DOL level 4 week 6. Analogy cool : hot - \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ : bright molar : tooth – bongo: 1. my dad and his cousin isnt going to work at the jj frank company 2. she didnt have no luck with the too games. dim. drum. Pledge. Fluency. 6 min. reading solution. brilliant (bril’  y nt).

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dol level 4 week 6
DOL level 4 week 6
  • Analogy
  • cool : hot - ________ : bright
  • molar : tooth – bongo:

1. my dad and his cousin isnt going to work at the jj frank company

2. she didnt have no luck with the too games




6 min. reading solution

vocabulary lesson 5
brilliant (bril’y nt)

spread (spred)


She could not get over how brilliant the stars looked once they left the city..

They found the perfect spot and spread out their blankets.

Vocabulary lesson 5


to open outward

luxurious (lug’zhŏŏr’ēs)

astonishment ( sto’nishm nt)




Their beautiful home is very luxurious.

As she looked at the starts, she gasped with astonishment..

sudden wonder

rich and comfortable

vocabulary lesson 51
nudged (nujd )

plunged (plunjd)

Cheri nudged Jasmine with her elbow.

A star plunged from its place in the sky and disappeared from sight.

Vocabulary lesson 5

to push slightly

to fall

crowed (krōd)

The chicken woke everyone up with his loud crow.

Enjoy your story!!

to brag loudly (past tense)

listening speaking viewing giving and following directions
Listening/Speaking/ViewingGiving and Following Directions

How would listening attentively for directions be an important survival skill?

In a stressful situation when there is no time or opportunity to repeat instructions, we must listen carefully and remember the instructions so we will be able to do what needs to be done.

Guided Practice

Students are in pairs.

Give each other detailed instructions on how to do something or to go somewhere. Some sample topics; how to build a fire; how to hit a baseball; how to wash a load of clothes.

Partner should respond by verbalizing what they would do.

Organize your directions and responses by being organized with a good sequence .

writing a play publishing
Writing a PlayPublishing
  • Prepare to perform your plays if time permits.
  • They need to have copies of their script for each character, as well as for themselves.
  • If time allows, create props and scenery for your lays.
  • Rehearse the play a few times, work with your actors to help them read their lines.