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DOL level 4 week 20 PowerPoint Presentation
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DOL level 4 week 20

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DOL level 4 week 20
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DOL level 4 week 20

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  1. DOL level 4 week 20 • Analogy • tree : wood - _______ : leather • : - : 1. dear sir or madam please send me too wooden nickels sincerely clara barker 2. i havent knowed of no book more interesting than the voyages of doctor dolittle cow

  2. Pledge

  3. Fluency 6 min. reading solution

  4. Objectives day 2 Students will review Homonyms Multiple-Meaning words Synonyms Compound words

  5. Word Structure day 2 Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 5 Can you pick out the homonyms, multiple meaning words; synonyms; compound words?

  6. Poetry Prior Knowledge What do you know about Christopher Columbus? Why did he come to the Americas? What do you know about the fate of the buffalo on the American Plains in the 1800s?

  7. Reading the PoemPage 340 Acrostic Poem Before reading Christopher Columbus – • Study how the poem looks. • What do the first letters of each line spell, going down? Christopher Columbus By Patrick Lewis Illustrated by Greg Shed Prior Knowledge

  8. Reading the PoemPage 341 Why does the poet use short lines for the first two and last two lines? For emphasis and to add a sense of immediacy and finality. Why does he use such a long line to describe the buffalo. Because if this long sentence is red quickly, it leaves the reader breathless, evoking the feeling of the rushing, trampling buffalo. How does the poet feel about the loss of the buffalo The tone of the poem is sad and perhaps bitter. Buffalo Dusk By Carl Sandburg Illustrated by Richard Hook Prior Knowledge

  9. Listening/Speaking/Viewing • Tempo -The tempo, or speed at which a poem is read, affects the meaning of the poem. -Teacher read the poem quickly, barely pausing after punctuation and between stanzas. -Then read the poem slowly. -How do the two reading affect your opinion of the poem? Get in groups and memorize “Buffalo Dusk.”

  10. independence declared The colonies declared their independence from England John declared that he was rich! Vocabulary lesson 5 Freedom from control of another country Past tense of declare; announce. legislator liberty I contacted my legislator when I needed help. The prisoner wanted his liberty. Freedom to act, think, speak freely. Member of government that makes laws.

  11. colonies site He found an excellent building site The ca The new settlers made colonies dates had a series of debates. Vocabulary lesson 5 Settlement formed by people coming to a new land. A location; a place to build rumors distract She felt bad about the rumors about her family He tried to distract his mother to avoid punishment. To draw attention away from what someone is doing. Plural of rumor; story without proof

  12. permanent provisions The injury will leave a permanent scar. He prepared a lot of provisions to take to camp. Vocabulary lesson 4 Lasting, not temporary. Plural provision; food or necessary items

  13. Yellow Reading with teacher Blue Read with a partner Red Green • Acrostic Poem • Historical Fiction story Save to-- S file Drop box

  14. Green Reading with teacher Red Read with a partner Yellow Blue • Acrostic Poem • Historical Fiction story Save to-- S file Drop box

  15. Spelling