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Woodrow Wilson PowerPoint Presentation
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Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson

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Woodrow Wilson

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  1. Woodrow Wilson Wilson was the first southern President since 1869 and the only President ever to have a PhD

  2. Woodrow Wilson When Wilson was a professor he wrote a paper that said that the Constitution was a “horse and buggy” document that was outdated and got in the way of Progress. He felt that the system of checks and balances was the problem because it didn’t allow the American people to see who was accountable

  3. Woodrow Wilson Wilson also believed that the government should be like a machine that operated independently of the changing moods of it leaders so that it could always be the most important thing in Americans live

  4. Woodrow Wilson Wilson also believed that the United States should spread democracy throughout the world and was a believer in world government as a way to do that and as a way to get around the Constitution through the treaty process

  5. Woodrow Wilson The New Freedom

  6. Workman Compensation Act – provided medical coverage for federal workers who get hurt on the job Adamson Act – gave railroad workers an 8 hour work day Keating-Owen Act – the first attempt to ban child labor by taxing companies more who used it, it was deemed unconstitutional Federal Farm Loan Act – gave farmers loans from the government

  7. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Principle mission is the protection of consumers from fraud and the elimination and prevention of what regulators perceive as anti-competitive business practices

  8. The Federal Reserve Fed A public/private independent entity whose mission is to regulate the economy by managing the nation’s money supply through the sale of treasury bonds and manipulation of the interest rate. The Fed also acts as the bank of the Federal government and “lender of last resort” to commercial banks

  9. 16th Amendment Allows Congress to levy a tax on a person’s income without apportioning it among the states This gave us……

  10. IRS The mission of the IRS is to collect federal taxes, income taxes consist of personal income, payroll income, inheritance and capital gains. The United States income tax is a progressive tax because it taxes those with higher incomes at a higher rate

  11. 17th Amendment Allows for the direct election of Senators instead of appointment by state legislatures

  12. The end of federalism and state rights

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  14. After And made this more likely

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  16. Wilson goes to War While they were over there

  17. Over here Espionage Act – allowed the government to imprison anyone who attempted to interfere with military recruitment or insubordination Sedition Act – made it illegal to express an opinion that cast the government in a negative light Liberty Bonds – war bonds that were sold to finance the war and led to massive debt The Committee on Public Information – independent propaganda agency created to influence public opinion about the war War Industries Board – a government agency set up to run the wartime economy. The WIB controlled wartime production, prices, labor and wages and raw materials In all Wilson imprisoned close to 20,000 anti-war activists including Eugene Debs who would later run for President as a Socialist from prison and get the most votes ever for a Socialist

  18. The League of Nations The Progressives first attempt at world government, opponents saw it as a way for Progressives to get around the Constitution through the treaty process which requires only the President’s signature and 2/3 of the Senate The League of Nations failed because

  19. Wilson suffered a massive stroke while trying to get the League to pass the Senate. It failed and the United States didn’t join the league

  20. Recession of 1920 The United States fell into a deep recession because the returning troops flooded the labor market, the massive post war debt and the wartime production levels could not meet the peacetime demand. Also the Fed raised the interest rate which restricted the money supply. By 1921 the unemployment rate reached 11.7%

  21. 18th Amendment Prohibition Banned the sale, manufacture and distribution of all intoxicating liquors Grassroots movement – democratic movements that begin very small and at a local level and not by those in traditional positions of power Prohibition gave us……

  22. The Mob Which gave us

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  25. FBI The Federal Bureau of Investigation, is a Federal Agency that serves as the criminal investigative body and internal intelligence body. The Bureau was created in 1908 but became larger and more powerful following Prohibition and when……..

  26. The Director J. Edgar Hoover ran the FBI for over forty years and was one of the most powerful men in American history

  27. 19th Amendment Prohibits any American from being denied the right to vote based on sex