immigration through investment n.
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Immigration Through Investment 外国人投资移民 PowerPoint Presentation
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Immigration Through Investment 外国人投资移民

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Immigration Through Investment 外国人投资移民 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Immigration Through Investment 外国人投资移民

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  1. Immigration Through Investment 外国人投资移民 John Deyong Hu, E.S.Q. Hu & Associate P.C.

  2. Overview and History历史背景 • From 1965 to 1978 investors were eligible to immigrate to U.S. in the non-preference category. 从1965年到1978年,外国投资者被列入非优先类 • The Immigration Act of 1990 created the immigrant investor program as the fifth preference within the employment-based category(EB-5). 1990年通过的美国移民法方案规定可授予外国投资者有条件的EB-5 移民签证 • In 1992, The Immigrant Investor Pilot Program was created. It created “Regional Center” which allows passive investment without participation of management. 1992年设立的外国投资者优先计划,规定如果外国投资人在设立的地区中心投资的话,可不用参与日常管理

  3. Investment and Eligibility投资移民资格 Active Investment and Passive Investment两种投资方式 • An active investment of 1M, invested in anywhere in USwith participation of management; 在美国任何地区投资一百万美元并参与日常管理 2. An active investment of 500K in a designated area with active participation of management; 在规定地区投资五十万美元并参与日常管理 3. A passive Regional Center investment of 500K or 1M without active participation of management. 在地区中心投资五十万美元或一百万美元可不需参与日常管理

  4. Qualifying Investments (1)投资须知 • Job Creation: Investment must create full-time employment for at least 10 worker-authorized employees, excluding the investor and his immediate relatives, and person in nonimmigrant status; 外国投资者必须雇佣十个以上在美国合法工作的员工。外国投资者与其直系亲属除外。 • Amount and Nature of Assets: The capital investment must be 1M in high employment areas and 500K in targeted employment areas. 通常投资金额为一百万美元,但是在特定地区或地区中心,投资金额可以是五十万美元

  5. Qualifying Investments (2)投资须知 • Commercial Enterprise: Any for profit business can qualify, including sole proprietorships, limited or general partnerships, corporations, business trusts, joint ventures, holding companies and etc. 投资主体可为独资经营,有限责任公司,合资公司,股份有限公司等 • Location: The only location criteria apply to 500K investment in targeted employment areas, which identified by the US census. 特定地区或地区中心需要经过国家专业部门认证

  6. Qualifying Investors外国投资者资格认证 • Capital Contribution • Tracing and lawful source • Gifted funds 投资资金必须来自合法渠道。合法资金来源包括可追踪的资金收入来源,他人赠与,遗产继承等 • Management 外国投资者必须参与日常管理 • Multiple Investors 如果有几个外国投资人,须分别申请备案

  7. Conditional Permanent Residence有条件的移民签证 • Once the Form I-526 is approved, immigrant investors may obtain status as a conditional resident by: 如果申请得到批准,外国投资者就能获得有条件的移民签证 • Filing Form I-485 if residing within US; 如果住在美国,只需递交改变身份的I-485表 2. Applying for an immigrant visa at a US Consulate abroad if residing outside US; 如果住在国外,需向当地美国使馆申请移民签证 • 90 days before the 2nd anniversary of your admission to US, the investor must file Form I-829 to remove conditions. 两年期满的前九十天,如果投资移民者继续投资,并且持续雇佣至少十个全职员工,EB-5签证的限制条件就自动解除,投资者将获得永久居留权。

  8. Procedures申请程序 • INS Form I-526 is the form used to apply for investment-based immigrant status. The form must be filed with supporting documentation, such as: 使用I-526表填写申请。但需同时递交辅助材料: • Establishing a new commercial enterprise; 投资经商计划及投资地区说明 2. Investing the requisite capital amount;Proving the investment comes from a lawful source of funds; 投资金额及证明投资金额是合法收入的文件 3. Creating the requisite number of jobs; 10位合法员工的材料 4. Demonstrating that the investor is actively participating in the business; 证明投资者积极参与日常管理的文件

  9. Contact Information John Deyong Hu, E.S.Q. 胡德翰律师 Hu & Associates, P.C.胡德翰移民律师楼 3355 Spring Mountain Rd., #3 Las Vegas, NV 89102 Tel: 702-368-6688 如有问题,请与我们联系!