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MHMS Computer Orientation

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MHMS Computer Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MHMS Computer Orientation. Welcome to the MHMS Network Server!. Are you Ready to Login?. WAIT! Please Do NOT…do ANYthing Until after you watch and listen to the Directions….because if you mess it up… you won’t get in. EVER. (ok, maybe). No Food or Drinks in the iMac Lab

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Please Do NOT…do ANYthing

Until after you watch and listen to the Directions….because if you mess it up…

you won’t get in. EVER.

(ok, maybe)

pretty obvious but important computer lab rules

No Food or Drinks in the iMac Lab

  • HCPSS says No checking personal email in school (But hopefully Gmail soon!)
  • Always use spell check & print preview, and THEN ask permission before printing (Think Green!)

Pretty Obvious But Important Computer Lab Rules

pretty obvious but important computer lab rules1

Always be a responsible & ethical technology user!

  • Always put your computer to SLEEP (Think Green!)
  • Please leave the room better than you found it - Push in chairs & straighten computer & keyboard

Pretty Obvious But Important Computer Lab Rules


Using a computer in school is a

privilege and not a right.

If you violate the HCPSS Acceptable Computer Use Policy and Agreement you could lose your computer privilegesfor weeks or the ENTIRE SCHOOL year.

All work that would have been done on a computer IN school will have to be done by hand or out of school.

Basically, don’t make a doofus choice & have to go old school style!


now please sign your agreement form

Sign & PRINT your name on the

back of the HCPSS Acceptable of Technology Agreement / Internet Use

Permission Form.

Homework: Take form home, have your parents sign it, and return it to your teacher tomorrow.

No Returned Form, No Computer USE

(Teachers: for legal purposes, please make sure you have all your students completed & signed forms before sending to the Media center for storage. Thank you!)

Now Please Sign Your

Agreement Form


Ok….Put these forms safely in your agenda book or binder & write down this as yourhomework - Please don’t forget! 

Are you Ready to Login?


Your login username is:

Your first initial

First 5 letters of your last name

and the last 4 digits of your school ID #


Remember this new login

as it will be your login ID

throughout Middle & High School

(or until they change it yet again! LOL)



If you are in Mrs. Jester’s or

Mr. Campbell’s class

& did this already

Please raise your hand.

You already have your

NEW password – Cool!

Login and double check that you

remember it & then

maybe help someone else! 


Today’s password is temporary

& will have to be

changed immediately!

The computer might

“shake” a few times

Keep trying!

3rd time is the charm!


After you put in your name (loginID)

& temp password it will “think” about it for like 45 - 133 seconds…

Be PATIENT! WAIT….it’s talking to the server for the first time this year.


Your Name

When you get this STOP

& wait for directions.

your yummy new password
Your Yummy New Password =

Pick a favorite food from:

CC Photo By Great British Chefs

Flickr CC Photo by josewolff

Flickr CC Photo By SushiGuy

Flickr CC Photo By mhaithaca

Flickr CC Photo By Mrs TeePot

Pizza Burger Taco Sushi Sub

+ the last 4 digits of your cell or family phone number

Ex: Taco0127


If you see a Home Sync pop-up screen, keep selecting “Cancel” until a new window appears


Select Create New Keychain

button in the middle. Very Impt!


Keep your

password secret!

Don’t tell your friends.



If the login doesn’t work please

Double check the username &

student ID number

combo on the login sheet

Then try it yourself.

If that doesn’t work then

reset the temporary password

Using the direction sheet

On the MHMS Conference & Wiki

Last but VERY important step: DRAG the desktop file into theTRASH. You don’t want 2 versions active that could get messed up.
great job remember your new login name password why not text it to yourself after school and

Great Job!Remember your new login name & password!(why not text it to yourself after school?) And……….

now you can logout

Now you can logout!



Technology Users!