pan islamic research education network piren n.
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Pan-Islamic Research & Education Network (PIREN) PowerPoint Presentation
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Pan-Islamic Research & Education Network (PIREN)

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Pan-Islamic Research & Education Network (PIREN) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pan-Islamic Research & Education Network (PIREN). Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Deputy Director General Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO). Introduction.

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Presentation Transcript
pan islamic research education network piren

Pan-Islamic Research & Education Network (PIREN)

Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed

Deputy Director General

Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)

  • Internet today is a widespread information infrastructure and its influence is not only on computer communication but other fields of society
  • Network for collaboration and interaction between individuals and their computers
  • Convergence of all kinds of communication networks
  • Applications, Usage and Benefits of RENs or their consortium
  • NRENs and Consortium of RENs - A new paradigm of Internet
  • RENs – a network for collaborative research and network to research for future internet and its applications
  • Major Consortia of RENs around the World
    • APAN
    • GEANT
      • TEIN, EUMEDCONNECT, CAREN, AfricaConnect
    • AERN
    • Internet2
    • CA*Net
    • ASREN
why research education networks rens
Why Research & Education Networks (RENs)?
  • Facilitation to research community
    • scientists who need easy access to Supercomputers
    • researchers requiring access to information Grids
    • business owners requiring most recent economic data
    • other users requiring information relevant to them
  • Facilitation to academic community
    • educationists needing communication network for their pedagogical purposes
    • serving students and learners through contemporary technologies
    • bringing together experts in different pedagogical approaches that contribute towards education understanding in diverse societies.
few examples of rens
Few Examples of RENs
  • ORION – Canada
    • high-speed fiber optic network that connects Ontario's research and education institutions to one another.
  • CalREN – USA
    • CENIC's California Research and Education Network (CalREN) is an advance network-services fabric serving the vast majority of educational and research institutions.
  • RNP – Brazil
    • RedeNacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP) is an advanced network for collaboration and communication in the fields of teaching and research.
    • network dedicated to the needs of education and research in the UK.
  • PERN – Pakistan
    • high speed Internet and Intranet facilities to the research and academic institutes.
  • SingAREN – Singapore
    • ensuring that Singapore research and education (R&E) community is connected to the international R&E community.
  • AARNET – Australia
    • high-capacity leading-edge Internet services for the tertiary education and research sector communities and their research partners.
bridging the consortia
Bridging the Consortia
  • Africa Connect
  • TEIN
  • EUMEDConnect
bringing benefits to society
Bringing Benefits to Society
  • Telemedicine
  • Astronomy
  • High Energy Physics
  • Bio-Informatics
  • Predicting Natural Disaster
  • Combating Environmental Change
  • Agriculture
  • Arts and Culture
  • Distant Education
  • ....
concept model
  • Establishment of R&E connectivity between all the Islamic countries.
  • A network-of-networks spread over four continents primarily in Africa, Euro-Asia and Asia/Middle East.
  • Interconnectivity can be made possible through establishment of Peering Points at least in those countries where the existing ICT infrastructure is on strong footings.
  • Proposition based on prevailing infrastructure and their geographical suitability.
establishment of peering points
Establishment of Peering Points

Map of Islamic World – Eurasia/ Western Asian Region.

Map of Islamic World – African Region.

Map of Islamic World – Eastern Asian Region.

isesco country coordinators for piren
ISESCO Country Coordinators for PIREN
  • A meeting was held during 19 – 20 March, 2012; at ISESCO’s Headquarters; Rabat – Kingdom of Morocco
    • Kingdom of Morocco; Arab Republic of Egypt; Islamic Republic of Pakistan; Islamic Republic of Iran; Republic Senegal; Republic Kazakhstan; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.
    • Discussed:
      • Bird eyes on existing Global REN.
      • Potential of regional cooperation
      • Countries and regional activities
      • Potential of establishment of PIREN
      • Recommending ISESCO as a hub for the implementation of PIERN
islamic conference of ministers of higher education
Islamic Conference of Ministers of Higher Education
  • On 20-21 November 2012; Islamic Conference of the Ministries of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Khartoum; Sudan endorsed the establishment of PIREN
  • Recommendpromoting active collaboration among education and scientific research communities in the Member States to exchange expertise through the new emerging paradigm of communication networks in academic and research domains, and effectively joining the Pan-Islamic Research and Education Network (PIREN) to leverage joint research and better education
resolution on project of piren
Resolution on Project of PIREN
  • Adopts the proposal on the establishment of the “Pan-Islamic Research and Education Network (PIREN)” within the framework of ISESCO; and invites ISESCO Director General to take the necessary measures thereon.
  • Urges the Member States to nominate their country coordinators for PIREN, create national research and education networks to promote the use of and activate PIREN as a cyber collaboration platform for scientists, researchers and education networks, and improve connectivity for sharing knowledge and good practices, stimulating joint research and addressing relevant challenges.
  • Recommends provision of reliable contents and data, within the framework of PIREN, and expanding the scope of associated services and applications in the Member States for mutual benefit.
  • Also recommends enhancing capacities and providing technical training opportunities among the Member States and encouraging them to exchange programmes and support the establishment of specialized training centres while granting them the status of PIREN Certified Training Centres.
  • Calls on telecom operators inthe Member States to offer preferential prices to fiber cables and dedicated circuits intended for educational purposes.
way forward
  • We have to do it
  • We need to collaborate with each other to create synergy
  • Lets connect, communicate and collaborate
  • ISESCO is planning to organize second meeting of country coordinators and other stake holders during 2013 to finalize and start the project.
  • All kinds of inputs/suggestions are welcome
thanks for your attention
Thanks for your attention