what everyone should know information to old and new members in brf j rf llahusen n.
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What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen PowerPoint Presentation
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What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen

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What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen
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  1. What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen General Information • What is a Leashold flat? • A leashold flat is owned by a Trust. • A trust is an economical organisation whos purpose is to let flats to members, without a timelimit. • The members of the Trust are ourselves. We own and manage the buildings ourselves, flats as well as communal areas like launderettes and gardens. • What does the membership mean to you? • To own and live in a Leashold flat means that you have the opportunity to affect the operation of the buildings and surrounding areas. • You have the right to be a part of and make decisions at the AGM. • The ownership gives you influence and responsibility for the finances and maintenance of the Trust. • You may refurbish your flat as you like. You may paint, put up wallpaper and make minor rebuilding work. If you want to make some major rebuilding work you need the authorisation from the Board. • You are responsible for the upkeeping of your flat, like flooring, walls, ceiling, windows and windowframes, doors, tiles, bathroom and kitchen utilities. • The membership involves both rights and obligations, please see the Code of Conduct. Jakobsberg November 2008 • Servicecharge • The servicecharge/rent includes the Trust’s costs for electricity, heating, water, maintenace and repairs. • The charge also needs to cover the Trusts capital expenses (interest and instalments on loans) and the buid up of capital for the maintenance of the buildings. • The servicecharge/rent has to be paid in advance (due date is the last of each month, covering next months rent). • If you are facing problems paying your rent – please contact the Board! Contact the Board brf_jarfallahusen@yahoo.se 1

  2. What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen General Information • How does a Trust work? • The Trust will be responsible for the finances and maintenance of the buildings. • All members can affect the operation of the Trust. • Shared decisionmaking • Every member has one (1) vote, eg 2 owners to one flat = one vote. You can influence how the Trust should be managed and how big servicecharge you should pay to the Trust. Your vote counts! • As an owner of a leashold flat you hould alwaysread and keep the annual final accounts (wich you will receive together with the summons to the AGM) until you get the next years final accounts. In the final accounts there’s a lot of interesting facts regarding Brf Järfälllahusen, like operating costs and loans. • The Board • The members will elect the Board of the Trust. • The duty of the Board is to manage the Trust on a daily basis and to action any decisions from the Annual General Meeting (AGM). • Annual General Meeting (AGM) • AGM = Yearly meeting of the Trust. All members has the opportunity to meet and discuss the operation. • Motion = a member’s suggestion for something, like further developments or a new washingmachine for the launderette. • What’s happening at the AGM? • Last years final accounts and report will be presented. • The Meeting will decide if the balance sheet and profit and loss account are correct. • The Meeting will also decide if the Board should be granted discharge for the management of the Trust. • Members may put in motions to the AGM by submitting them to the Board to be put in the summon. Jakobsberg July 2007 • Take the chance to affect by • attending the AGM, • be active in the Trust (within certain areas of responsibility like the website, gardening or maintenance) • give suggestions and ideas to the Trust continously or to the AGM! Need info in another language? Please contact the Board at brf_jarfallahusen@yahoo.se 2

  3. What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen General Information • Direct Debit • You can pay your servicecharge/rent by Direct Debit. • The advantage of Direct Debit is that you always pay in time and that you don’t have to pay any applicable bankcharges, as you would when paying at the bank. • The Trust will also generate interest from day one on money being paid in by Direct Debit. • Applicationform is available from • John Rönnberg, Margaretavägen 11. • Selling a flat • If you are selling your flat, you or your estate agent has to contact Brf Järfällahusen, where John Rönnberg or Kristina Haraldsson will answer any questions regarding the flat or the Trust. • You, as a seller, has to inform the Trust of your new address as they have the obligation to generate a statement of sales. • The Buyer has to ask the Board for approval to become a member of the Trust. • The Buyer has to be approved before the purchase can be finalised. The Seller will be charged, at the moment, an administration fee of 400 sek. • As owner of a flat you should always keep the yearly accounts for the Trust. Jakobsberg July 2007 Mortgage Security If you finance your purchase of flat with a mortgage (and the flat is put as security for the mortgage) please inform the bank of the address to the Trust: Brf Järfällahusen Hammarvägen 38 177 35 Järfälla. • Please note that Sveriges BostadsrättsCentrum (SBC) in Stockholm are managing the finances for Brf Järfällahusen at the moment. They (SBC) have nothing to do with mortgage security etc. • The Board will always help with any information you need. 3

  4. What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen General Information • Subletting your flat • Brf Järfällahusen keeps a restrictive stand to subletting flats. • The Board may agree to subletting a flat for a maximum of 6 months in certain circumstances and if the following demands has been met beforehand: • a certified copy of the subletting contract has been given to the Board. • approval of subletting, in writing, from the bank. (if you have a mortgage on your flat). This written approval is to be given to the Board. • your contact details (address and phonenumber) has to be given to the Board for the period of your sublet. • Please note • your name is to remain on the door. • you have to inform your tennant of the Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct. • your rental bill will be sent to your old address (it is your responsibility to make payment before the due date). Jakobsberg July 2007 THE BOARD OF BRF JÄRFÄLLAHUSEN John Rönnberg, Margaretavägen 11 Annelie Forsell, Margaretavägen 7 Nils Mellergård, Hammarvägen 36 Jenny Pettersson, Margaretavägen 9 David Nordin, Hammarvägen 34 E-mail to the Board: brf_jarfallahusen@yahoo.se 4

  5. What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen Code of Conduct- general It is all our responsibility to keep the premises and communal areas clean and safe for everyone. Be vigilant and take care of your leashold flat as well as the property and adjoining gardens. • Keep in mind • fire hazard and general comfort • do NOT leave any rubbish in the entrances, basments or other communal areas. Dispose of it in the waste disposal or take to the recycling centre directly. • burglury • Do NOT leave doors open to the staircases, basements and pushbike storage as well as keeping the basement windows (storage, launderettes etc) closed. • utility usage • be econimical with electricity and heating • turn off the radiators if the flat is too warm. • be economical with water. • do not do the washing up and rinsing under running water. • take a shower instead of bathing. • repot dripping taps and toilets. • show consideration to your neighbours • Keep the noice to a minimum, especially between 22.00 – 07.00 (turn down the volume on your radio/TV, reduce showering/bathing, washing machine etc.) so you wont disturb your neighbours. • general cleanliness • do not throw any cigarette buts or rubbish in the flowerbeds or parking areas. • do not place rugs or other things in the staircases. • follow the pestcontrol rules. If pests are found, please report immediately to Nordisk Skadedjursbekämpning AB, ph 020-54 55 56. (Notes in entrances) Jakobsberg July 2007 • Did you know that 1 drop of water/sec builds up to • 20 litres in one day • 150 litres in one week • 700 litres in one month and • 8000 liters in one year • If any fault or damage incur, which needs to be rectified, please report it • to one of the persons on the lists displayed in the entrancies. 5

  6. What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen Code of Conduct- particular • PLUMBING • It is your own responsibility to keep the plumbing clean and in working order in your kitchen and bathroom! • To prevent any blockages or damages to pipes please make sure not to put any grease/oil down the kitchensink, wipe away any greasy residue before washing up. • Do not flush down any daipers, sanitary towels, dental floss etc in the toilet. • If you have a blockage in the pipes, please report it immediately. • CARPARK • Please park your car (and pushbike) in the allocated areas. Cars are to be placed wit the exhaustepipe away from the property and enough space for pedestrians to pass infront of and behind the car. (Do not park your car all the way towards the flowerbeds) No parking is allowed by the Waste Disposal area. • 3. GARAGES AND PARKING PLACES • Anybody who wishes to rent a garage or a parking place with electrical socket may put their name on the waitinglist by contacting John Rönnberg. 4. BASEMENT DOORS AND WINDOWS Basement doors are to be kept closed/locked at all times to prevent burgluries. If you arrive home late and the doors are locked, please make sure that they close and lock properly behind you. This is to prevent anybody to gain entry and ’stay the night’ in our staircases. 5. CLEANING OF RUGS Please use the allocated construction when cleaning rugs. 6. LOCKS/KEYS The Trust has a communal lock system and therefore you can’t arrange additional keys without the Trust’s approval.If you need additional keys, please contact John Rönnberg. Jakobsberg July 2007 6

  7. What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen Code of Conduct- particular 7. WASTE/RUBBISH It is all our responsibility to make sure that waste/rubbish is discarded in the right place and not left on the floor or in the public areas (H&S Regulations). WASTE DISPOSAL: Domestic waste Only household/domestic waste, packed in plastic bags, are allowed to be disposed of in the waste disposal. You may NOT throw any large items in the waste disposal. RECYCLING ROOM: Newspapers, boxes, glass and batteries • In the recycling room we have • 2 crates for papers/newspapers only, do NOT leave it in plastic bags • 1 crate for cardoard boxes (no milk cartons or bag-in-box wine cartons) • 1 container (green) for coloured glass • 1 container (white) for clear glass • 1 box on the wall for old batteries • Boxes etc should be flattened to reduce space. • There’s also a blue container for papers (newspapers). The container is located by the garages at Hammarvägen. • An information leaflet is posted on the door to the recycling room. Please follow the regulations in place! Jakobsberg July 2007 CONTAINER/SKIP: Large rubbish; mattress, furniture wrapping, large boxes • Large items of rubbish should be disposed of in the skip/container by the garages at Margaretavägen.The skip is available 4-5/year, dates published in the staircases. • • In between the times for the skip, you have to store your rubbish in your own storage OR take them to Görvälns recyclingcentre; opening times: Mon-Thur 14.30-19.30, Sat 09.00-15.00;ph 580 814 90. • • Due to the fire hazard etc you should NEVER leave large items of rubbish in the recycling room or basement corridores. ELECTRICAL WASTE: Computers, toasters, TV sets, cables etc. • You have to take all your electrical waste to Görvälns recyclingcentre. If you are unable to arrange transportation yourself, please contact John Rönnberg. 7

  8. What everyone should know- information to old and new members in Brf Järfällahusen Code of Conduct- particular • 8. LAUNDERETTES • It is all our responsibility to make sure the launderettes are kept clean and that any machine breakage is reported immediately. • If you want to book one of the launderettes put your name on the supplied laundry calendar. Only one (1) shift may be booked at any time. • Laundry times/shifts: • Weekdays: three shifts between 07.00 - 22.00. • Sundays: one shift 10.00 – 12.00, two shifts between 12.00 - 22.00. • The power will be cut at 22.00. • If the laundry shift hasn’t been started within one (1) hour from the scheduled start, other members are allowed to take over that shift. • If you find it hard to get home in time for the evening shift, you can note on the calendar what time you intend to start, ex. 18.00. If you finish your shift early, please write down what time you are done, so another member may use the rest of that shift. • Never touch the Main switch/breaker for the machines unless there’s an Emergency. • The laundrybaskets are to be used for clean clothes only. • The Dryingroom may be used up to one (1) hour after your shift, unless another agreement has been made. • Switch off the lights in the laundry- and dryingrooms when you’re not there. • IMPORTANT! Close all windows by 22.00. • After your finished your shift launderettes and other areas has to be cleaned: • wipe down the washingmachines. • clean the filter to the tumbledryer. • sweep all floors. • to prevent bad smells, leave the machine doors etc. open. Jakobsberg July 2007 Recently we had a person gaining entry to our buildings via an open window in one of the drying rooms. Protect us all against burglary – close the windows! 8