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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4. Stress and Stress Management. Pre – Quiz All True / False. Buying a new car and taking a final exam are more similar than different, as far as your body is concerned. Prolonged stress can make a person likely to suffer from diseases

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chapter 4

Chapter 4

Stress and Stress Management

pre quiz all true false
Pre – QuizAll True / False
  • Buying a new car and taking a final exam are more similar than different, as far as your body is concerned.
  • Prolonged stress can make a person likely to suffer from diseases
  • The fight or flight reaction only occurred in past eras…it does not happen today.
  • Whether an event is stressful depends more on the person experiencing it than on the event itself.
true false cont
TRUE / False Cont.
  • You cannot change the way you react to stress.
  • Past experiences can help you relax when the same stressor occurs.
  • All forms of stress are bad and unhealthy
  • An athlete that performs at a high level puts stress on that athletes body.
what is stress
What is Stress?

The term “stress” is used a lot within your world. But, what is stress and how does it truly effect your health?

Well there are many different types of stress all of which will effect the same things:

Physical and Psychological demands will always occur.

good and bad stress
Good and Bad Stress
  • Good Stress
  • Eustress – Good forms of stress that allows your body to have a demand and than recover.

Bad Stress

  • Distress – Stress that is perceived as negative by the person receiving the stress.
  • Chronic Stress – Prolonged stress that is unrelieved that puts a person to the point of exhaustion while damaging health.
personal questions answer
Personal Questions/Answer

Take a moment to think of a good form of stress you have had in your life. Explain why it was a good form and how it helped you as a person.

Take a moment to think of a time when you were battling a form of Chronic Stress. How did it finally end and what can you do to prevent it from happing again? Or can you?

vocab notes
Vocab Notes

Stressor – A specific demand placed on the body

Adapt – Change or adjust in order to accommodate new conditions.

Perception – meaning given to an event or occurrence based on your previous experience or understanding.

Now get out your book turn to page 82 and take the Stress test. Add up points and explain what you might have to do in order to eliminate stress/stressors in your life.

how does stress effect the body and its systems
How Does Stress Effect the Body and its Systems?
  • Physically and Psychologically a persons body reacts to stress. The nervous system always sets off a chain of reactions to attempt to get the body back to “normal”.
  • Nervous system sends and receives messages to/from the brain that make a persons body react to a stressor.
  • Hormonal System – are glands, organs that protect the body. The nervous system is what tells the hormonal system what it needs done to keep the body “normal”.
  • Hormone – Chemical that serves as a messenger
  • Gland - Part of body that secretes the hormones into body or blood
  • Immune System – Cells, tissues and organs that protect the body from diseases.
  • Immunity – Free of disease and or disorder
  • Types of Stress Hormones

1 Epinephrine

2 Adrenaline

stress response
Stress Response
  • Stress Response - what a person does to a demand or stressor
  • Stages of a Stress Response

1 – Alarm

2 – Resistance

3 – Recovery/Exhaustion

Fight or Flight Response – Stress that makes body to either stand up to stress or to escape it.

Page 91 – Life Choice Inventory Take the test on how well you resist stress.

coping devices defense mechanisms
Coping Devices/Defense Mechanisms
  • Coping Devices are non-harmful ways to deal with stress.

Types of Coping Devices

Displacement – Channel Energy to something Else

Ventilation – let off steam by expressing feelings to another person.

defense mechanisms self destructive ways of dealing with stress pg 97
Defense Mechanismsself –destructive ways of dealing with stressPG. 97
  • Denial – Refusal to admit unpleasant/painful thing
  • Fantasy – imagining that a bad thing is a positive instead
  • Projection – Put blame on situation that has occurred onto something else other than you.
  • Rationalization – Justification of an unreasonable action or attitude
  • Regression – Using Childish ways in dealing with problems
  • Selective Forgetting – memory lapse concerning an experience. Not remembering it
  • Withdraw – Drawing away from thing to avoid pain. Refuse to talk or deal with situation of unpleasant time
placebo effect
Placebo Effect
  • Read Pages 102 and 103

Explain what the placebo effect is.

Define from the reading



chapter review
Chapter Review

Pages 104 to 105

Summarizing the Chapter # 1 – 5

Learning the Vocab. # 2 – 3 All

Recalling the Important Facts # 4, 9, 13