romantic moments of endless love n.
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С любовью о родном крае Romantic moments of endless love… PowerPoint Presentation
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С любовью о родном крае Romantic moments of endless love…

С любовью о родном крае Romantic moments of endless love…

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С любовью о родном крае Romantic moments of endless love…

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  1. С любовью о родном краеRomantic moments of endless love… Презентация к уроку английского языка выполнена учителем английского языка Вороновым С.В. Краснодарский край, село Успенское

  2. March brings sunny daysAnd the bees want to know where honey is

  3. Sunflower has been grown throughout the region for hundreds of years and truly has become the symbol of generosity and prosperity. The well-drained soil and dry Kuban climate provide the ideal growing conditions.

  4. An abundance of fruit, berries and nuts spreads around the vast region and makes a spectacular show in summer and autumn.

  5. A poppy field near the village creates a bright splash of colour.

  6. The bird is grey,The sky is blue,The tree is green,The sun is yellow,The cloud is white,The butterfly is bright!

  7. An evening stroll along the south bank of the Kuban to seethe sun setting behind the magnificent countryside will become a treasured memory of romantic moments of endless love…

  8. Peaceful harmony of spring flowers and ‘busy’ insects…

  9. This is the season when nights are short,And children have plenty of fun and sport,Riding and climbing all day long, will…

  10. will make them healthy and strong!

  11. Hot July brings apples and cherries And a lot of other berries!

  12. Spring is coming and flowers are coming too,snowdrops and daffodils are awaking for you!

  13. Today the North Caucasus remains an enchanted pastoral landscape of gently undulating grassy hills rich in wild flowers evoking breathtaking views

  14. I want to live and not to die,I want to laugh and not to cry,I want to feel the summer sun,To sing my Motherland where life is fun.

  15. M. Y. Lermontov (the monument in Pyatigorsk) is a Russian romantic poet and writer who is sometimes called “ the poet of the Caucasus”

  16. The river Kuban in the depths of winter with a carpet of dazzling white snow under a bright blue sky, conditions which can often happen at this time of the year in my village Uspenskoye.

  17. I admire every aspect of this much- loved area…

  18. Timeless and tranquil, the Kuban countryside at its very best. A designated area of outstanding natural beauty, one of of the nation’s loveliest and most unspoilt areas.

  19. Even the blue heavens look glad!

  20. They drift on the still water in our lakes, mysterious and beautiful…

  21. Glorious countryside through out the year: elegant houses, picturesque landscape, relaxed, unspoilt, unhurried area- the gem of Russia’ nature.

  22. Look! Even the goats stick to the traffic rules!What about you?

  23. Through every fibre of my brain, through every nerve, through every vein,I feel the electric thrill, the touch of life, that seems almost too much.

  24. Oh gift of God! Oh perfect day!When no man will work, but play;I think it is enough for me,Not to be doing, but to be!

  25. With its breathtaking sequences of views and constant changes in level, the Kuban’s riverbank has some of the finest and most challenging routes for nature lovers.

  26. Another great landscape… wild flowers can really feel the surrounding atmosphere with joy!

  27. The masterpieces of our forests…

  28. Closer to nature- closer to heavens!