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Lyndon Institute Core Values PowerPoint Presentation
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Lyndon Institute Core Values

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Lyndon Institute Core Values - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lyndon Institute Core Values. Weekend Activities. L.I. Website. Main Mode of Communication Dorm Parents on Duty All notices Schedules Weekend activities Lunch/dinner menu. Weekend Activities. Sign-ups School’s Website Weekend Activities Cont.

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l i website
L.I. Website
  • Main Mode of Communication
  • Dorm Parents on Duty
  • All notices
  • Schedules
  • Weekend activities
  • Lunch/dinner menu
weekend activities1
Weekend Activities
  • Sign-ups
    • School’s Website

weekend activities cont
Weekend Activities Cont.
  • Must sign-up or remove name by Thursday 4:00pm
  • If you signed-up for a trip and did not attend you will be billed for the expense of the trip/fee and received a two week suspension from weekend activities
  • Some trips will have a limit on students that can attend. (first come/first serve)
If you would like to take your name

off the list for a trip you will need to


to cancel.

weekend trips out of the area
Weekend trips out of the area
  • You need to take your passports with you on all trips out of the local area.
community service
Community Service
  • All residential students are required to log a minimum of 10 hours.
afterschool activities
Afterschool Activities
  • Participation is strongly encouraged.
off campus sign out procedure
Off Campus Sign Out Procedure
  • No one leaves campus before 4:00pm on school days. (8:00am on non-school days) unless attending a required school event or scheduled for testing.
  • After 4:00pm all residential students must sign out at the kiosk desk in Campbell before leaving for town. Kiosk staff must know specifics of where the student is going. Students must leave contact number. Students also must check back at kiosk every 4 hours unless other wise agreed upon with staff.
  • Students sign out of their dorms with the on Campus location, if going off Campus write Campbell. Student must sign back into Campbell upon return.
  • Students that are 15 or under must be back on campus by 8:30pm Sunday – Thursday. (9:30pm on Friday and Saturday) Unless they are attending a required school sponsored activity.
residential polices and procedures
Residential Polices and Procedures
  • Page 76-88 in the student handbook
  • Local (Thursday @ 4:00pm)
  • Non Local Travel (Thursday @ 4:00; one week in advance if L.I. needs to provide travel)
  • Vacations (two weeks)
  • You must have parental permission for all three
  • L.I. Transportation is not provided between the hours of 11:00pm & 5:00am.
transportation charges inside of specified travel window
Transportation ChargesInside of specified travel window
  • Lyndon institute charges for airport pick-up and other transportation requirements.
  • St. Johnsbury, VT (TOEFL) $10/person/trip
  • White River Junction, VT (Dartmouth Coach) $50/person/trip
  • Logan Airport, Boston MA $125/person/trip
transportation charges
Transportation Charges
  • Boston is our primary airport. All students are expected to schedule flights from the BOS location.
  • Lyndon Institute will designate several “no charge” transports to Lebanon Dartmouth Coach each vacation or holiday period.
  • Students who choose to arrive or depart outside of our specified travel dates will pay a fee based on a mileage rate of $1.34 per mile.
vacation travel
Vacation Travel
  • Student are not allowed to sign out of the dormitory for personal weekend trips.
  • All travel must be during our specified vacation times accompanied with a parental permission form.
  • Student must also submit a confirmed itinerary before they are allowed to travel for vacations and breaks.
residential study hall
Residential Study Hall
  • Begins Wednesday, 8/27, 7:00pm
  • All new students are required to attend.
evening study hall
Evening Study Hall
  • At LI we have three levels of study hall commitment.
    • Mandatory study hall in the cafeteria.
    • Room study
    • Optional study
cafeteria study
Cafeteria Study
  • All new students are in this for at least the first quarter; as are students that fail to maintain at least a C- grade or better in all classes. Mandatory study runs from 7-8:30PM, Monday - Thursday nights.
room study
Room Study
  • Once the quarter is over we re-evaluate grades. If as student has a C- or better in all classes they, with parental permission, can move to "room study". Room study is also held 7-8:30 PM and on the same nights as regular study hall, but students are allowed to study in their rooms with less formal supervision. If students are found out of their rooms, on the phone, not working, playing video games, in other people's rooms, etc., they are again sent back to Library study hall for a period of time. Room study is seen as a privilege that students who are struggling can work toward; but they are required to fulfill their responsibilities in order to maintain that privilege.
optional study
Optional Study
  • The third option open to students is "optional study hall". Again, students have to earn this. If a student receives Bs or better in all classes, at the end of a quarter, they are allowed to study when and where they want (again with parental permission). Students that are in this category cannot, however, be disturbing others in the dorm; it is quiet hours during that period of time and students in optional study hall are expected to respect the students who are studying
afterschool study
Afterschool Study
  • If a student wishes to attend a school sponsored activity that is offered during the evening study hall time block students may substitute the evening study hall with an afternoon library study. The afternoon study is held between 2:45pm and 4:00pm in the school library. Students must sign in no later than 2:55pm. If a student arrives after 2:55pm., this time will not count.
sunday evenings
Sunday Evenings
  • Sunday- even thought there is no formal study hall on Sunday evenings students are expected to be relativity quiet after 8:00pm. In addition, students are not allowed in each others dormitories after 8:00pm on Sundays.
consequences for missing study hall or late to study hall
Consequences for missing study hall or late to study hall
  • Late for Study Hall:
    • 15 minutes or less, student will be “dormed” for the night.
    • More than 15 minutes, “dormed” and 2 blocks of dorm detention the next day.
  • Skipping Study Hall:
    • Dormed for the night and dorm detention for the next two days
sign in sign out
Sign In / Sign Out
  • All student must Sign In and Sign Out of there dormitories each time they leave and return.
  • Failure to sign out:
    • Dorming upon return, if dormed students cannot attend activities.
    • May also result in dorm detention
curfew lights out policy
Curfew / Lights Out Policy
  • Curfews are established @ 10:00pm on Weekdays and 11:00pm on weekends unless otherwise announced. All student should be in their own dorms at this time
  • Lights-out is @ 11:00pm on weekdays and 12:00 on weekends unless otherwise announced.
consequences for curfew lights out violation
Consequences for Curfew / Lights Out Violation
  • Late for Curfew:
    • Less than 20 minutes: 2 blocks of detention the next day and dormed after detention.
    • More than 20 minutes: Refer to the AOD (Administrator on Duty) after the 20 minute period.
  • Lights out Violation:
    • Dormed after dinner the next night, and/or 2 blocks of detention. 2 blocks will be added for each offense.
dorm detention
Dorm Detention
  • Detention for residential rules violations.
  • Any detention assigned by dorm parents
  • Will be served in the Matty House Lounge from 8:45pm – 9:45pm.
  • 1 hour of detention = 2 blocks
  • Student must be on time for detention. Late arrival will result in additional detention time.
  • Detention must be served during the next available detention session.
  • Failure to serve detention will result in additional detention time, suspension, or possible expulsion from school.
saturday detention
Saturday Detention
  • Saturday detention is assigned for students that accumulated more than 10 blocks of dorm detention. Can also be assigned for major infractions
  • Campused / Dormed – students can be restricted to campus or dormitories as consequences.
weekend leave procedure
Weekend Leave Procedure
  • Students who wish to leave campus for all or a part of a weekend must fill out a weekend leave form and turn it into the dorm office by 4:00pm on the Thursday prior to the weekend they plan to depart.
  • Local home stay settings only
mandatory weekends
Mandatory Weekends
  • St. Johnsbury Academy Rivalry Weekend

All residential students are required to be on campus and attend the weekend activities.

  • Multicultural Community Fun Day
required meals
Required Meals
  • Breakfast - All students need to report to the cafeteria by 7:30am and check in with Mrs. Cornell or L.I. Staff.
  • Community Dinner – 2nd Tuesday of each month
  • Family style
  • English only – conversation is expected
automobile ride permission
Automobile Ride Permission
  • No dorm students are allowed to have vehicles on campus or vehicles kept in the local area.
automobile riding procedure
Automobile riding procedure
  • Students are not allowed to accept rides from day students without the explicit written permission from their parents
  • You can also obtain the ride permission forms from the schools website. You need to click on “Around Campus”, then click on “Residential Life”, and then select “resources for parents”.
health center
Health Center
  • What if I don’t feel well?
    • During the school day please notify your teacher and go to the Amadon House / Health center.
    • On the weekend please tell the dorm parent on duty.
    • In the morning you need to go to the Health center before the start of school.
    • School Nurse, Audra Sicard & Kellee Johns, 626-6179 or 626-4153
late for school
Late for School
  • If you are late for school you must go to the main office located next to the cafeteria and “sign in”.
  • Failure to sign in will result in 2 blocks of detention.
substance policies
Substance Policies
  • Page 11-13 in the student handbook
room care
Room Care
  • Each individual dorm parent will establish one weeknight to inspect room cleanliness.
  • Students may be dormed until the room is cleaned to the dorm parents satisfaction.
  • Students should keep all food in a sealed plastic container. Perishable items should be kept in the dorm refrigerator.
kitchen care
Kitchen Care
  • All students that use the kitchen area are expected to clean any mess created during their cooking process
  • Includes; putting food away, washing dishes, washing counters, and all cooking surfaces.
  • Also including floor and table areas.
  • Internet “shut off” times
  • 12:00 midnight – 5:00am on weekdays
  • 1:00am – 5:00am on weekends
  • Please limit the number of devices that are on the network at one time.
lost keys
Lost Keys
  • Please notify Mr. Angell or Mrs. Cornell if you have lost your keys.
  • Replacement Cost:
    • Keys $25.00
    • FOB $25.00
  • 2-3 business days
lyndon institute dorm duty schedule 2014 2015 semester 1
Lyndon Institute Dorm Duty Schedule 2014-2015 (Semester #1)
  • Monday    2:30 PM    Peg Dunphy & Janet DB

4:00 PM Jeff Corrow

  • Tuesday 2:30 PM Gary Burnham

4:00 PM Erin McKinnon & Peg Dunphy

  • Weds 2:10 PM Rob Carey & Annie Baker

4:00 PM Brendon Mold

  • Thursday 2:30 PM Brendon Mold

4:00 PM Rob Carey & Annie Baker

  • Friday     2:30 PM Erin McKinnon & Jeff Corrow

4:00 PM Janet DB & Gary Burnham

pedestrian rules
Pedestrian Rules
  • Walk against traffic.
  • Use the crosswalks to cross the roads.
  • Walk on the crosswalks or sides of the road, not in it.
  • Make sure cars are going to stop before you cross the road.
  • Wear light colored or reflective clothing at night if you are walking near a road.
  • Just because you see a car doesn’t mean that they see you.
  • Just because pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk does not mean that cars are going to stop.
meals schedule
Meals & Schedule
  • Breakfast is served @ 7:15am – 7:40am weekdays
  • Brunch @ 10:30am on non-school days
  • Dinner is @ 6:00pm weekdays (Monday – Friday) and 5:30 (Friday – Sunday & non – school days)
residential life staff
Residential Life Staff
  • AOD (Mr. Heath)
  • Mr. Angell
  • Mrs. Cornell
  • Dorm Parents
    • On Duty
    • Off Duty
  • L.I. Administration