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College of Alameda and the ATLAS Program: PowerPoint Presentation
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College of Alameda and the ATLAS Program:

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College of Alameda and the ATLAS Program:
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College of Alameda and the ATLAS Program:

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    1. Maintaining Effective Community Partnerships CCCAOE/CCCCIO Joint Conference San Francisco/Hilton Financial district Hotel March 18, 2010 College of Alameda and the ATLAS Program:

    2. ATLAS PROGRAM History Oaklands Logistics Sector Strategy City of Oakland Oakland Chamber of Commerce The Oakland Partnership Port of Oakland ATLAS Partners College of Alameda The Workforce Collaborative The Unity Council Oakland Adult and Career Education Teamsters Union

    3. Sector Strategies : An Approach for Workforce Development What is a sector strategy*? Targets a specific industry or occupational cluster Uses a workforce intermediary to identify employer and workforce training needs through a sector lens Provides support for workers to advance employment-related skills in sector career pathway model Meet needs of employers in the sector (big picture understanding of regional sector needs as well as local training needs) Impact labor market system to benefit workers and employers in a given sector *Sectoral Strategies for Low-Income Workers: Lessons from the Field. The Aspen Institute. Summer 2007

    4. Sector Strategies and Community Partnerships Connecting Community Colleges to Sector Strategies Identify workforce development partners /intermediaries with: Sector knowledge Capacity to undertake aspects of outreach, pre-voc ed training and placement services Experience with collaboration

    5. ATLAS Program Current ATLAS Training Programs Warehouse Operations/Forklift Certification Office Administration for the Logistics Industry Certificate Program Diesel Retrofit Preventive Maintenance and Inspection Welding Commercial Driver License (Teamsters) To be Developed: Supply Chain Management Certificate Program

    6. Logistics and International Trade: Career Ladders and Training Programs in an Evolving Sector Port Jobs Oct 08

    7. A Regional Sector Approach Consortium of regional community colleges to build local and regional transportation and logistics training programs Supported by Department of Labor Community-Based Job Training Grant Expansion of Southern CATLI model to build a statewide logistics industry initiative ATLAS/Northern CATLI

    8. The Workforce Development Model (as seen by community colleges)

    9. Post-Secondary Education Model (as seen by workforce development) Semester-focused education/training FTE funding focus Departmental concerns reporting requirements, lack of knowledge about workforce system, ETPL Student Services focus on certificates and two-year degrees not short-term training and job placement

    10. Acknowledging Reality/Building Partnerships Understanding, Valuing and Challenging Organizational Culture Demographics Seeking Community-based services vs community college programs Identify Goals for Implementing Sector Strategies with community partners Long-term viability vs. grant-focused program/project Identify Available Resources and Capacity for Flexible Use of Resources with Multiple Partners Leverage/Maximize Existing Resources through CCs and CBOs Develop partnerships with local One Stop Centers - recruitment, job placement and tracking outcomes

    11. ATLAS: Operationalizing this Sector Strategies Model The Workforce Collaborative Mission and Goals Bridging the Divide for the Community Training, Placement and Social Services Building A Self-Sufficiency Model Using a cohort model to build successful completion and placement Linkages to the Community College Best Practices and Challenges Coordinating community resources to support self-sufficiency and student completion/placement outcomes Use of local government, state and federal resources for additional support services and job placement assistance

    12. Teamsters Partnership: Utilizing Resources Northern California Teamsters Apprentice Training Mission and Goals Linkages to the Community College Hazardous Materials Certificate Integration into ATLAS curriculum for Warehouse Operations and Office Administration Truck Driver Training Commercial Driver License Component of Preventive Maintenance and Inspection Program Integration into ATLAS transportation, distribution and logistics training

    13. Sector Strategies Resources National Network of Sector Partners (NNSP) Career Ladders Project US Department of Labor/link The Aspen Institute/Workforce Strategies Initiative Jobs for the Future

    14. ATLAS Contact Information Lorraine Giordano, Director, ATLAS Program / College of Alameda 510.594.1871 John Brauer, Ex. Dir., The Workforce Collaborative 510.891.8773 x 304 Troy Ohlhausen, Ex. Dir., N. California Teamsters Apprentice Training 916.354.2122