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IT Planning and Managment

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IT Planning and Managment. Collage of Information Technology University of Palestine, Gaza. Lecture 1: Course overview. Prepared by: Mahmoud Rafeek Alfarra. Lecturer Information. Name: Mahmoud Rafeek Alfarra

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it planning and managment

IT Planning and Managment

Collage of Information Technology

University of Palestine, Gaza

Lecture 1: Course overview

Prepared by:

Mahmoud Rafeek Alfarra

lecturer information
Lecturer Information
  • Name: Mahmoud Rafeek Alfarra
  • School, 1999: General Secondary School Certificate, Science division, Khan Younis, Gaza, Palestine.
  • Undergrad, 2004: BSc Computer Science, The Islamic University of Gaza, Gaza, Palestine
  • Grad, 2008: MSc Computer Science, Pattern Recognition, AAST, Alexandria, Egypt. Thesis title “Document Clustering using Graph-based Growing Hierarchal Self-Organizing Map (G-GHSOM)”.
  • Current research: Data warehousing and advice system
  • E-mail:
  • Office Hours: SAT, TUS, 10:00-11:00 (in Ramadan)
course objectives
Course objectives
  • Be able to understand and use the information Technology Management Strategies.
  • Be able to understand and use the concepts of frameworks for the developing.
  • Be able to evaluate the inferencing techniques.
  • How does Artificial Intelligence use to manage the knowledge?
  • More ...
your input
Your input
  • Give you experience of applying the Management techniques in a real problems.
  • Slides of course
  • Lectures notes
  • A set of books , will be determined this week isa.
office hours
Office Hours
  • There will be office hours after class on Mon, Wed. 9:30-10:30. (in Ramadan), 10-11. (in the rest of semester)
  • This hours totally for you, so don’t miss them.

Out of 100 points

10%: Class participation

20%: quizzes (the best 10 quizzes)

20%: Assignments

20%: Midterm

30%: Final

10%:Bonus for research, case studies and presentation

a word about assignments
A word about Assignments
  • Should be done on your own, as much as possible

Get help from me, friends but you must acknowledge all help received by citing the names of those who helped you.

  • This not only protects you from being accused of cheating, but also protects you in case your helper gives you misinformation
assignments submission policy
Assignments: submission policy
  • Should be done on your own, as much as possible
  • Get help from me, friends but you must acknowledge all help Assignments are due on the day that they are due.
  • Here are the rules—please know them well:
    • Softcopiesmust be send by e-mail on the due date, and hardcopy I the next lecture.
    • If your softcopy does not send on the time, it will not be accepted and you will get 0 for this assignment.
  • Exceptions and extensions are possible, primarily based onMEDICAL EMERGENCIES.
  • Circumstances must be documented and suitable arrangements will be made.
  • You must consult me via email on an individual basis.
  • received by citing the names of those who helped you.
  • This not only protects you from being accused of cheating, but also protects you in case your helper gives you misinformation
a word about lectures
A word about lectures
  • Brief lecture notes will be placed on the web page after every lecture.
  • I will try to post lecture notes on the web before class BUT:
    • You learn better when you actually have to write things down yourself.
    • Just reading/Listening along with my notes makes you sleepy.
    • Everything I say is NOT in the lecture notes, but anything I say MIGHT be on an exam or in a assignments, so you need to take notes on what I say
    • In this course you should read many times from the textbooks if you hope to have an excellent grade.
course guidelines
Course Guidelines
  • We have a common goal: It is my job to teach you what you need to know. Therefore…
        • Ask me questions. Do NOT let me continue if you aren’t clear about something and remember that: question is the half of knowledge
        • If I go too fast, ask me to slow down.
        • If I use a term that you aren’t familiar with, ask me for a definition.
  • Attendance:is encouraged and required.
  • Prepare yourself:For best understanding…
  • Study lecture by lecture:

Respect the lecture:Any noise made during the lecture (e.g. A mobile phone ringing, a student talking to, or laughing with his or her mate, absent) will be considered impolite. Therefore, one mark will be deducted.

  • Plagiarism is strictly punished: Don’t associate people’s work to yourself. Site everything you include in your reports that is not your original work.
course outlines
Course outlines
  • In the Next lecture isa
about you
About you
  • Using e-mail please, write to me:

1. Your name.

2. Your email address.

3. Why you are taking this course.

4. What you hope to get out of this course.

5. What you know about IT Planning and Mang.

6. Your Ideal character .

what is information technology
What is Information Technology?
  • The study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware.
  • A general term that describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and/or disseminate information.
what is it planning
What is IT Planning?
  • IT Planning is the process of identifying your organization's goals and objectives in using information technology and results in a written plan for implementing these goals.
  • The process of planning will:

1) Help clarify how information flows in your organization.

2) Inventory the technology currently in use and clarify its effectiveness.

3) Identify problem areas and possible solutions.

4) Help to make these solutions are better.

what is it management
What is IT Management?
  • Now … what is management?
  • Information technology management is a combination of two branches of study, information technology and management.
next lecture isa
Next Lecture isa

V.I. Introduction

thank you
Thank You…

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