are you looking for premium oil changes visit n.
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You May Wonder of How to Tell if Engine Oil is Bad For Your Vehicle? PowerPoint Presentation
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You May Wonder of How to Tell if Engine Oil is Bad For Your Vehicle?

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You May Wonder of How to Tell if Engine Oil is Bad For Your Vehicle? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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wondering how to tell if engine oil is bad? Call Express Care Auto Center at 507-625-8005 to know about warning signs of needing an oil change and don’t forget to ask about their oil change coupons. Make an Appointment today!

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You May Wonder of How to Tell if Engine Oil is Bad For Your Vehicle?

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are you looking for premium oil changes visit

Are You Looking for Premium Oil Changes?

Visit “Express Care Auto Center”

near North Mankato, MN today!

Visit our Official Auto Shop Website:

Express Care Beyond the Oil Changes!

are you wondering about how to tell if engine

Are You Wondering About How To Tell If Engine Oil Is Bad?

Even though, Oil Change service is very significant for your vehicle, if not performed on a

regular basis, your vehicle will suffering from symptoms of an overdue oil change. Regular oil

changes help to extend your engine’s long life and enhance its performance. If you start

noticing any of the signs that your engine oil is bad, then don’t wait too long, Visit your

preferred auto shop to schedule an routine oil change for your vehicle. Also, Ask for Oil Change

coupons to save your money on it.

Schedule an Appointment Online at:

must know 5 warning signs that you may need

Must Know 5 Warning Signs That You May Need an Oil Change!


Dark and Dirty Oil -- Clean oil is an yellowish-brown color, but after a while, it dims and gets dirty from

the particles it collects from the engine. If you can see the pole through the oil, it is fine. Though, if it’s

thick and dark, it’s time for an oil change.

Loud Noise and Knocking -- Clean oil provides a thin barrier between engine parts and protects against

metal-on-metal contact. When the oil starts to break down, it loses its efficiency in lubricating so you

will start to hear louder noises coming from the engine, such as knocking, rumbling, and even roaring.

Oil Change or Check Engine Light -- An enlighten oil change light on the dashboard indicates that there’s

too little oil in the system. Check your oil level directly. If it’s too low, change your oil as soon as possible.

Your vehicle is at high risk of engine damage due to the lack of oil.

Exhaust Smoke –In cold temperatures, it’s frequent to see a transparent vapor coming from the

muffler. However, if you see smoke, there could be an oil leak or faulty parts in the engine. To pinpoint a

pending issue, ask your mechanic to run a car diagnostic test.

Oil Smell Inside the vehicle -- If the smell of oil is strong inside your car, it means there’s a leak. If the

smell is mixed with the smell of gas or exhaust fumes, it signify that your vehicle is overheating and oil is

burning in the exhaust area.





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