structure analysis ii
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Structure Analysis II

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Structure Analysis II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Structure Analysis II. Analysis of statically Indeterminate structures by the Force Method Part 1. Review Conjugate beam method. Conjugate-Beam Supports. Review Example 1. Find the deflection at Point B. Review Example 2. Find the deflection at Point C. Determinacy & Stability.

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Review Example 1

Find the deflection at Point B

Review Example 2

Find the deflection at Point C

determinacy stability
Determinacy & Stability

Determinacy: when all the forces in structure can be determined from equilibrium equation , the structure is referred to as statically determinate. Structure having more unknown forces than available equilibrium equations called statically indeterminate

If n is number of structure parts & r is number of unknown forces:

r = 3n, statically determinate

r > 3n, statically indeterminate

force method general procedure
Force Method: General Procedure
  • Determine the number of redundant reactions
  • Remove enough redundants to form a determinate structure
  • Calculate the displacements that the known loads cause in the determinate structure
  • Calculate displacements at the same points in the determinate structure due to the redundants
  • The sum of the displacements calculated in steps (3) and (4) must be equal to the displacements at the actual indeterminate structure
  • Use equilibrium to determine the remaining reactions
Note 1

Compatibility Equation


Note 2

Compatibility Equation


force method of analysis beams
Force Method of Analysis: Beams

Example 1

Determine the reaction at the roller support B of the beam shown


Compatibility Equation

example 2
Example 2

Determine the reaction at the roller support B of the beam shown, the support B settles 1.5 in

example 3
Example 3

Determine the moment at fixed wall for the beam shown


Conjugate beam method