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Tiberius Caesar Augustus

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Tiberius Caesar Augustus. Rise to POWER. Tiberius’ brother Drusus was favoured by Augustus and it seemed that he would become his heir. However, the death of Drusus moved his son into the spotlight.

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Rise to POWER
  • Tiberius’ brother Drusus was favoured by Augustus and it seemed that he would become his heir. However, the death of Drusus moved his son into the spotlight.
  • Germanicus was the son of Drusus and was popular among the citizens. Germanicus became ill and died.
rise to power cont
Rise to POWER cont.
  • Tiberius came into power in 14AD when Augustus died. He succeeded Augustus after being adopted by Augustus. If anything he was a last resort.
Maintaining his POWER

Tiberius maintained his power by attempting to keep the senate in power. He would genuinely seek the aid of the senate. Tiberius showed respect to the role of the consul. When Augustus died he made a document called the testament of Augustus which said that he didn’t want future emperors to expand the empire which is why people believe he didn’t expand the empire. “asking for advice in every matter that concerned the national revenue, the allocation of monopolies and the construction and repair of public buildings” (Suetonius)


His character changed throughout his life when he was private citizen has was respected and reputable. while Germanicus and Drusus were alive (Germanicus was Tiberius’s brothers son and Drusus was Tiberius’s brother) he hid his cunning and virtuous qualities. When his mother died the good in Tiberius disappeared. He expressed his own personality by unrestrained infamy. Tacitus vol.1, p. 422

“Executions were now a stimulus to his fury, and he ordered the death of all who were lying in prison under accusation of complicity with Sejanus. There lay, singly or in heaps, the unnumbered dead, of every age and sex, the illustrious with the obscure. Kinsfolk and friends were not allowed to be near them, to weep over them, or even to gaze on them too long. Spies were set round them, who noted the sorrow of each mourner and followed the rotting corpses, till they were dragged to the Tiber, where, floating or driven on the bank, no one dared to burn or to touch them.” Sejanus was the trusted advisor and bodyguard of Tiberius.

His POWERful impact on Roman Life

Tiberius impacted roman life by maintaining law and order. He alleviated food shortages. Tiberius also cut down public expenses he also to measures to safeguard the countryside. He also chose officials carefully. Tiberius also upheld traditional rights.

Decline of POWER

One of the reasons for Tiberius’ decline could be because he had depression and mood swings which led to inconsistency in his policies and behaviour. Tiberius’ reputation had been greatly destroyed because of treason trials and he also became paranoid. He also spent a lot of time brooding over his sons death during the time that he was brooding was when Germanic tribes revolting and a invasion by Parthia in Rome. He was also reluctant to take the role of Princeps.

Tacitus pg.514 “showed signs of hesitation when he addressed the senate” as shown in his character he executed people which led to his decline.