the rule of augustus caesar n.
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The Rule of Augustus Caesar

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The Rule of Augustus Caesar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Rule of Augustus Caesar. 1. Pax Romana. Augustus was a clever politician. He held the offices of consul, tribune, high priest and senator simultaneously. Why did Augustus refused to be crowned emperor? He knew Roman citizens would never accept one person rule. 2. Pax Romana.

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pax romana
Pax Romana
  • Augustus was a clever politician. He held the offices of consul, tribune, high priest and senator simultaneously.
  • Why did Augustus refused to be crowned emperor?
  • He knew Roman citizens would never accept one person rule.


pax romana1
Pax Romana
  • He ordered a census so people wouldn’t pay too many taxes.
  • He hired people according to their skill level.
  • He made the city more beautiful.
  • He had the army pledge allegiance to him.
  • He only expanded the empire to it’s natural bounders. The Rhine and Danube to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the Sahara to the south.


pax romana foldable day 1
Pax Romana Foldable Day 1
  • (1) Trade:
  • Why did trade increase during the Pax Romana?
  • What did increase trade mean for Roman citizens?
  • How did not having tariffs increase trade?
  • (2) Law:
  • Why did the Romans change the laws set down in the Twelve Tables?
  • How did the Judges and their helpers change Roman law?
  • Why was it important to make Roman law standardized across the empire?
  • What were three factors that increased trade throughout the Roman Empire?
  • The same coins were used throughout the empire.
  • There were no tariffs or taxes placed on good brought into the country.
  • The pirates were cleared from the Mediterranean Sea
  • What is the result of using the same coins, no tariffs, and no pirates?
    • Increased trade, which meant more business for Romans.


  • What happened to the 12 Tables during the Pax Romana?
    • The 12 tables were changed…A law was believed to just because it was reasonable, not because the government had the power to make people obey it.
  • What happened to Roman Law during the Pax Romana?
    • Roman Law was standardized
    • Roman legal principles formed the basis for the laws of most western countries and of the Christian Church


daily life
Daily Life
  • In the early years of the Empire one million people lived in Rome.
    • There was too little housing.
    • The cost of living was high.
    • There was crime on the streets.
    • Many Romans could not find jobs and had to pay taxes on almost everything.


daily life1
Daily Life
  • In Rome where did the wealthy Romans live?
    • Rich Romans lived in a “domus” or house with Marble walls.
    • Most Romans however, where not rich they lived in apartments known as “islands”, in Rome where rents were high and they varied according to the floor the apartment was on.


pax romana foldable day 2
Pax Romana Foldable Day 2
  • (1) Daily Life
  • What were the living conditions in Rome during the Pax Romana?
  • What is the difference between a Domus and an Island?
  • After the age of 12 how did education change for Roman boys and girls?
  • (2) Leisure
  • What did the Romans do with their free time?
  • How were the games different during the Roman Republic from the Roman Empire?
  • What was the Circus Maximus?
family life
Family Life
  • Who was the head of the Roman house hold?
  • The father was the head of the Roman house hold.
  • What happened to Roman education after age 12?
  • Until age 12 boys and girls went to school together. Then the sons of the poor went to work and the son of the rich began their formal education.
  • Girls received a different type of education. When they were 12 their formal education stopped. The daughters of the rich were given private lessons.


at leisure
At Leisure
  • What did Romans enjoy doing with their free time?
    • At home Romans enjoyed gambling with dice, bath houses, gymnasiums.
  • They also could listened to lectures see musicals, excise, or sit and talk at the bath houses.
    • Above all other the Romans enjoyed the Gladiatorial games


write pair share
Write Pair Share:
  • Compare the problems of Ancient Rome to the problems cities have today.