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Professional Development Module

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Professional Development Module. Donald Thornton Jr Edld871 Module 4 wiki post. Problem Introduction. As a requirement for EDLD871, we are to develop a professional training module for use to train teachers on the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Teaching (2011).

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professional development module

Professional Development Module

Donald Thornton Jr


Module 4 wiki post

problem introduction
Problem Introduction
  • As a requirement for EDLD871, we are to develop a professional training module for use to train teachers on the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Teaching (2011).
  • My assigned standard is Standard C, which states:
    • The online teacher plans, designs, and incorporates strategies to encourage active learning, application, interaction, participation, and collaboration in the online environment.
training focus
Training Focus
  • The focus of this training module will center on three areas:
    • Using Technology for Collaboration
    • Teacher as Facilitator
    • Differentiated Instruction
using technology for collaboration
Using Technology for Collaboration

Using Wikispaces (free for educators), I would demonstrate to teachers how to set up, post to, and navigate around the wiki. This could be done in a lab setting to allow for use of a personal terminal for each teacher as well as a Promethean Board for me to use for the demonstration.

During this segment of the training, I would emphasize how to use a wiki as a tool for class forum discussions, collaborative learning, and even small group assignments.

using technology ii
Using Technology II

Using school improvement as the main topic, I would pose a question to teachers for them to respond to the wiki. Teachers may collaborate within small groups or work individually to answer the question and post to the wiki.

using technology iii
Using Technology III

Teachers will be trained on how to use BlackBoard Collaborate as a resource for online collaboration with students.

Using a lab, I would walk the teachers through a tutorial, then explain their assigned tasks using the software.

Teachers would be given tasks to complete using Wikispaces and BlackBoard Collaborate. The completion of these tasks will display their competence level with the software.

teacher as facilitator
Teacher as Facilitator

While working on the wiki, it would be a great time to focus on how the teacher fulfills the role of facilitator in the student discussions.

Teachers watch a short podcast with facilitator expectations explained complete with classroom footage.

It would also be important to explain to teachers how to actively monitor appropriate student interaction and ways to redirect any inappropriateness.

differentiated instruction
Differentiated Instruction

During the last segment of the professional development, I would like to emphasize how teachers should differentiate instruction and challenge the students to think.

I would show teachers methods such as tutorial videos, wiki posts, and podcasts as ways to relay material to the students. Students learn differently and want to be engaged. Using a variety of strategies should help do just that.

Higher order thinking activities will also be stressed.

sample in service day itinerary
Sample In-service Day Itinerary

730 am: Registration

800 am: Wikis, wikis, wikis

900 am: BlackBoard Collaborate

1000 am: Activity time (teachers work to complete a set of given tasks.)

1130 am: Lunch

1:00 pm: Activity time discussion

1:30 pm: Session wrap up via BB Collaborate (Group A)

1:30 pm: Session wrap up via wiki (Group B)

2:00 pm: Groups flip

2:30 pm: Wrap up and evaluations


In an effort to make sure that teachers are competent in iNACOL Standard C, teachers should be able to communicate effectively with students, facilitate/monitor student activity, challenge students using higher order thinking, and differentiate instruction.

Follow up sessions during the school year would be scheduled in an effort to reinforce the importance of these competencies.


International Association for K-12 Online Learning. (2011). National standards for quality online teaching: Version 2. Vienna, VA. Retrieved from