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Penguins. By Morgan, Madison, and Nicole. Emperor Penguin Description. Emperor penguins are the largest penguins. They can be up to 3-4ft. Tall and can weigh 65-90lbs. They have a black cap, bluish grayish neck, bills, orange ear patches, and yellow breasts.

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By Morgan, Madison, and Nicole

emperor penguin description
Emperor Penguin Description
  • Emperor penguins are the largest penguins.
  • They can be up to 3-4ft. Tall and can weigh 65-90lbs.
  • They have a black cap, bluish grayish neck, bills, orange ear patches, and yellow breasts.
  • Emperor penguins have a thick layer of blubber under their skin.
  • Their feathers are made of keratin.
  • Our hair and fingernails are made of keratin, too!
macaroni penguin description
Macaroni Penguin Description
  • This animal looks like he is wearing a tuxedo.
  • This animal mostly has smooth black feathers covering it’s body but it also has white feathers on its stomach.
  • This animal has red eyes and an orange beak.
  • This animal has eye brows or yellow tassels.
  • They can get to be 25 in. tall and weigh up to 11lbs.
little blue fairy penguin description
Little Blue Fairy Penguin Description
  • These animals have very cool colors.
  • They are indigo-blue and slate-gray color.
  • Their feathers are smooth with white flippers.
  • They are 16-17in. and 41cm. tall.
  • They weigh 2lbs.
emperor penguin habitat
Emperor Penguin Habitat
  • Emperor penguins live in Antarctica.
  • In Antarctica they live in something called a colony.
  • They like the south latitudes between 66 and 77 degrees.
  • In their colonies they like to live on packed ice.
  • During breeding time they use icebergs to hide from the wind.
macaroni penguin habitat
Macaroni Penguin Habitat
  • This animal lives in Antarctica and south George Island.
  • Our animal likes where it is cold.
  • They make small nests on rough sloping ground.
  • They also like to live on boulders or tussock grass.
  • You can also find them on beaches.
  • This animal stays at sea for half the year.
little blue fairy penguin habitat
Little Blue Fairy Penguin Habitat
  • They live in burrows and rocks.
  • They can be found in the sub-Antarctic.
  • Their regions are south of New Zealand and Antarctica.
  • These are cool places they live.
emperor penguin food
Emperor Penguin Food
  • Emperor penguins eat many things.
  • They eat mostly shoaling fish and crustaceans.
  • They also feast on squid.
  • But while they’re out hunting they have to watch out for their enemies.
  • One of the last things I found out is that they eat krill.
  • That’s most of the things they eat.
macaroni penguin food
Macaroni Penguin Food
  • This animal hunts for food by diving in the water.
  • Krill is high on this penguin’s diet.
  • This penguin can dive down as deep as 300 feet in the water to catch fish to eat.
  • Finding Crustaceans to munch on is another food for this animal to eat.
  • This penguin is a meat eater.
little blue fairy penguin food
Little Blue Fairy Penguin Food
  • Little Blue Fairy penguins munch on bits of thing like small fish, squid, and crustaceans.
  • Penguins can hold their breath for over 15 min. and dive to a depth of over 1,700ft. To find their food.
  • They get their food from the water.
  • The mom barfs some food for the babies.
  • And that is how the babies get fed.
emperor penguin babies
Emperor Penguin Babies
  • Emperor penguins lay eggs.
  • They breed during the winter.
  • But they only lay one egg.
  • Their egg is 12*8cm.
  • They are also pear shaped.
  • The eggs are usually hatched by mid-July, early August.
  • They weigh about 120-160g. When they're born.
  • They’re about 15cm. tall.
  • By mid-summer they are independent and ready to breed in 4-8years.
little blue fairy penguin babies
Little Blue Fairy Penguin Babies
  • The little blue fairy penguins generally lay their eggs from June through August.
  • They will lay two eggs at a time.
  • Which takes approximately 5 weeks to hatch.
  • Their babies are very cute.
macaroni penguin babies
Macaroni Penguin Babies
  • They lay two eggs, 1st one smaller then the second one.
  • Both male and female warm the eggs. The chicks hatch in about 5 weeks.
  • The male does not eat. He stays with the chicks and takes care of them.
  • The mother brings food back for the chicks but not for the male.
  • In about ten weeks the young birds will go out to sea for food on their own.
emperor penguins enemies
Emperor Penguins Enemies
  • Emperor penguins have many enemies and prey.
  • Emperor penguins prey on shoaling fish, small crustaceans, squid, and krill.
  • One of their enemies are leopard seals.
  • They will take some adult birds and fledglings.
  • The last 2 enemies are giant petrels and orcas.
  • Giant petrels are known for 34% of the chicks that have died in some colonies.
  • Orcas like to take adult birds.
  • Emperor penguins need to watch out wherever they go!
macaroni penguin s enemies
Macaroni Penguin’s Enemies
  • The sea lion is an enemy to this penguin.
  • Killer whales are also an enemy to this penguin.
  • The macaroni penguin are afraid of the leopard seals because they are bigger than them.
  • Seagulls like to eat penguin eggs and chicks.
  • This penguin protects it’s self by going in the water.
little blue fairy penguin enemies
Little Blue Fairy Penguin Enemies
  • Penguins have many enemies.
  • Some of the enemies are seals, lions, leopards, and killer whales.
  • These animals eat them in the water.
emperor penguins extra facts
Emperor Penguins Extra Facts
  • There are a lot of “cool” facts about Emperor penguins.
  • They can dive more than 300m.
  • They can be under the water for more than 22min.
  • Their dives last 3-6min.
  • Emperor penguins sound can be heard a kilometer away.
  • They can also live to be 20 years or older!
little blue fairy penguin extra facts
Little Blue Fairy Penguin Extra Facts
  • They’re the smallest penguin.
  • Antarctica’s temperature is 40 degrees below 0 in the summer time, too.
  • Very few animals call Antarctica home.
  • Their size is as long as 2 new pencils.
  • Penguins can hold their breath for over 15 min. and dive to a depth of over 1,700ft. to find their food.
macaroni penguins extra facts
Macaroni Penguins Extra Facts
  • The male and female stay together for their whole lives.
  • They do not hibernate.
  • They are birds, but they can’t fly.
  • These are the largest of the six species of the crested penguins.
  • Thank you for listening carefully to our facts.
  • I hope you enjoyed learning about Emperor Penguins, little Blue Fairy Penguins, and Macaroni Penguins!