Quarter three book project
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Quarter three book project. By: Rebecca Clevenger. Book. I chose to do my book project on Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. The three projects I did was finding character, finding theme, and an acrostic poem. Finding Character: Will.

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Quarter three book project
Quarter three book project

By: Rebecca Clevenger

Quarter three book project

I chose to do my book project on Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. The three projects I did was finding character, finding theme, and an acrostic poem.

Finding character will
Finding Character: Will

Will is a seventeen-year-old Shadowhunter with a lot of problems. On the outside he appears normal enough, he’s even described as pretty. He has long eyelashes, like a girl’s, is tall, dark curly hair, and eyes the same blue color of the nighttime sky. On the inside he is fighting a complicated battle. He often acts polite enough at first, though maybe a bit crazy, but as he gets to know people he starts pushing them away. In fact, the only person who he doesn’t push away is his Parabatai, Jem. At a first glance, most people think that Will is just being rude, but there is so much more reason for why he does what he does, and it’s much too complicated to explain in a time of less than four minutes.

Finding character tessa
Finding character: Tessa

Tessa is a sixteen-year-old girl from New York, who came to London because her brother had found a job there. She has brown hair that she thinks is plain, gray eyes, and is very tall for a girl. She has no warlock’s mark, though she can for some reason shape-shift into other people. It is thought that her mother was a Shadowhunter and her father was a demon, but that shouldn’t be possible because those children are stillborn, also it would be a huge violation of the Law, and the Clave would kill them anyway. With people she doesn’t know, she is honest, and with people she does know, she is still honest but jokes around with them and uses sarcasm, especially with Will, though everyone uses sarcasm with Will because, as I said before, they think he’s rude. She is polite to Jem, and can have a good laugh with him. They have lots of fun together.

Finding character jem
Finding character: Jem

Jem is around the same age as Will, and is also a Shadowhunter. He is from an Institute in China, though when his parents were killed by a demon, he was moved to the London Institute so Charlotte could take care of him (Even though she is only five years older than him) That changed him, and not just on the inside. He was tortured in front of his parents, and the demon made his body get addicted to the poison, and if he didn’t have any, he would die quickly. The poison itself is killing him slowly, and in order to fight now he has to take large quantities of it so he doesn’t pass out. It changed his physical appearance as well. He has grey hair and eyes, and his skin is extremely pale. His upturned eyes are the only clues to his heritage. He is levelheaded and hardly ever gets mad at the other characters, except for Will, who aggravates everybody. He only got really mad at Will once, because Will went to an opium den. Jem is understanding of Will, though, and other characters are not. He is currently engaged to Tessa, and is very polite and modest.

Finding theme
Finding theme

The theme of this book is “being strong can be hard.” I think that this is the theme because one of the main characters, Will, has to constantly be emotionally strong. He lives with what he thinks is a curse, and it takes so much effort to push everyone away and be so rude to them all the time, while he is actually so grateful to them, but can’t tell them. He cares about them too much. Tessa has to be strong because that’s who she is; she hates to cry, and when faced with problems she doesn’t just wallow in despair, she actually tries to do things, and she is probably the strongest of them all, except for maybe Jem. Now Jem is very emotionally strong. He is going to die soon, probably before he reaches the age of twenty, and it hardly fazes him. In the entire book, the series even, he only gets upset once, after Will went to something like an opium den, but instead of opium it sold demon drugs. It upsets Jem because he relies on a certain demon drug like people who smoke rely on tobacco, and he thought Will was making something like a game of it. He is strong because he is dying, and can still be happy. Another character is strong as well, one named Charlotte. She has to run an Institute all by herself, while back then woman weren’t often in charge of Institutes. She is often called strong through out the book. She faces ridicules often, and yet isn’t affected. This is why I think that the theme is “Being strong is hard” because everyone in the book is so strong, yet they have to try hard to be strong.

Acrostic poem clockwork
Acrostic poem: Clockwork

  • Clever – The people in this book are very smart, and they often say things that are witty or clever.

  • Law – The Laws must all be followed, and if they aren’t it can be punishable by death.

  • Ordinary – This is a synonym for mundane, which is what they call normal people in the book.

  • Capture – A person in this book wants to capture Tessa because of her powers, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

  • Karate – All Shadowhunters must learn martial arts, including karate. They also must know gymnastics.

  • Weird – This one is easy to explain. Everyone thinks Will is a lunatic. They even have a bi-annual meeting about it.

  • Oligarchy – The Clave is a sort of oligarchy, the more important you are the more say you have.

  • Redundant – They do things over again, for example Will keeps biting vampires (because they don’t expect it)

  • Kill – They have to kill people, demons, and/or downworlders a lot, and if they could, ducks.

Acrostic poem prince
Acrostic poem: Prince

  • Pox – This has to do with Demon Pox, which Will constantly is trying to prove exists. Apparently, it actually does because Benedict Lightwood has it. He made a song about it, as well for some reason.

  • Recluse – For a long time, Will thought he had to cut himself off from other people. He actually didn’t, but he spent 5 years of his life being a recluse except towards Jem, who he considers his great “sin.”

  • Infernal – Some of the main things that happen in this book involve “Infernal Devices” These are like robots, but they have a demon energy inside of them. The word “Infernal” is because that’s the main word they use to describe demons. For example, knowing the language of demons is an “Infernal language” It has to do with Inferno, which is another word for the underworld.

  • Nephilim – All Shadowhunters are Nephilim, the offspring of angels and mortals.

  • Curse – Most of the characters had some kind of curse on them. Tessa shape-shifts, though she isn’t a warlock. Will believed to have a curse on him put there by a demon. Jem was injected with demon poison, his body got addicted to it, and now he must take it to live, though he will still die in a few years.

  • Enclave – The Shadowhunters follow people that are part of the Enclave, or Clave. These people make Laws and release orders.

The end
The end

Thank you for watching my presentation on Clockwork Prince.