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Book Project

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Book Project
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Book Project

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  1. Book Project “Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire” Written by: J.K Rowling Presented by: Nitzan Weinstein Reut J.H.S 2001

  2. Description of Main Character My Character-Sirius Black. Sirius is Harry’s godfather. He has black hair He is thin, tall and has light skin. He has escaped from the prison of wizards Azkaban. He was there because people thought that he was a murder (but he is not) and now he needs to hide. He is an Animagus which is a man that can turn himself to an animal. He changes into a big black dog.

  3. The Plot • The story is about Harry Potter who is a 14 years old wizard. • Harry is a 4th year student in the school of witchcraft and wizardry “Hogwarts”. • In this book a very important tournament takes place at Harry’s school and include a specialsurprise…

  4. The Plot-continues • The story takes place in many placeslike school,Harry’s relatives house, the town of Hogsmide and more. • Lord Voldemort (Harry’s worst enemy) will rise again and Harry will have to face him. • Harry is going to have a serious conflict with his best friend Ron. • An important character will be killed by Lord Voldemort

  5. The Setting • The main setting is Hogwarts Castle in this time. • The Hogwarts Castle is an old place with high ceiling and a lot of staircases and doors. • These are not regular items! There are disappearing stairs that you have to remember to not step on them. • Some of the doors are walls that look like doors, some of the doors will open only if you ask them nicely or tickle them in the right place.

  6. The Setting-Continues • In Hogwarts’ district there is the Forbidden Forest which is a strange big forest that a lot of magical creatures live in it and a big lake with sea-sons and a gigantic octopus. • The Castle

  7. The Conflict • The main conflict is between Harry and Lord Voldemort which is Harry’s worst enemy. • He tried to kill Harry in the previous books. • Another old Conflict is between Harry and a student named Draco Malfoy and his friends Crabbe and Goyle. In this book Harry has a conflict of jealousies with his best friend Ron.

  8. The End • The end of the book is very very surprising. • I discovered an un-exceptional thing… • It ends in the end of the thwizard tournament. • Someone is going to die at the end… • Voldemort will rise again… • Who will die? • Who will win the tournament? • What is the surprise? • You will discover…

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  10. About The Author • J.K Rowling was a poor hard-working woman. • She started to write Harry Potter on pieces of paper in a coffee shop. • When it was published out she got immediately money from the Ministry of Education of Scotland so she could write the other Harry Potter Books. • Her books won many prizes like the Edinburgh Academy Prize, the Times Magazine Prize and more • She lives in Edinburgh with her daughter.

  11. Credits • The pictures in slides: 2, 5, 9 ,12 are taken from: • The pictures in slide 7 are taken from: