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Roman Emperor Nero

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Roman Emperor Nero. Psychotic, Yet Still Memorable Presented To You By: Eric, Eoin , and Artie. Rise To Power. At a young age of 17, Nero took the throne, after instigating in the death of Claudius, the former Emperor The youngest Emperor of his time. Strengths.

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roman emperor nero

Roman Emperor Nero

Psychotic, Yet Still Memorable

Presented To You By:

Eric, Eoin, and Artie

rise to power
Rise To Power
  • At a young age of 17, Nero took the throne, after instigating in the death of Claudius, the former Emperor
  • The youngest Emperor of his time
  • As Emperor, Nero concentrated on transforming Roman society:
  • Did this by:
  • Blending cultures of Greek, Oriental, and Egyptian
  • Invested large sums in building large athletic, theatrical, and bathing infrastructures
  • Imposed that Senators anoint themselves with oil
  • Nero invested vast sums in building large Athletics, Theatrical, and Bathing infrastructures
policies as an administrator
Policies as an Administrator
  • Often made rulings that pleased the lower class
  • Restrictions were put on the amount of bail and fines  fees for lawyers were limited
  • Astrong demand was made that patrons should have the right of taking away the freedoms of free men Nero supported the free men and ruled that patrons did not possess that right
the domus aurea
The DomusAurea
  • Meaning, Golden House in Latin, Nero’s palace was built after most of Rome burnt down
  • Took up 1/3 of Rome’s available living space  covered the slopes of the Palatine, Esquiline, and Caelian
  • Consisted of mainly Roman architecture
great fire
Great Fire
  • In 64 A.D, the Great Fire, burned down most of most of Rome, as Nero played violin.
  • Although Nero helped victims, he used an unpopular group as a scapegoat, the Christians
role in the great fire
Role in the Great Fire
  • In 64 AD, the Great Fire ravaged most of Rome. Historians theorize that Nero started the fire, or that he played the violin as Rome burnt to ashes.
  • At the time, Christians were unpopular in the Roman Empire, as were the Jews in Egypt.
  • Nero, using Christians as a scapegoat, blamed them for the inferno that burnt most of Rome to the ground
weaknesses of nero
Weaknesses of Nero
  • Rebuilt his palace to take up 1/3 of Rome’s Surface area.
  • He paid very little attention to his Military affairs.
  • This included:
  • Issues on Rhine, war against the Parthians in Armenia, Boudica’s uprising in Britain which he promptly handed over to his generals.
  • Persecuted and executed many Christians
persecuting christians
Persecuting Christians
  • Nero persecuted and executed Christians in a variety of different, yet sadistic, sociopathic, methods:
  • Crucifixion
  • Burned at the stake
  • Fed to beasts/dogs
  • Animations & Sound: Done by, Artie
  • Slides 2-3: Done by Eoin
  • Slides 3-4: Done by Eric
  • Slides 4-5: Done by Artie
  • Slides 6-9: Completed as a team through data collected from each partner