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Vampires. By. Sara Henry. What are it’s Characteristics?. Smarter, quicker, faster healing, more physically aware, speed Pale, blood might be seen seeping from mouth or nose, generally no fangs

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By. Sara Henry

what are it s characteristics
What are it’s Characteristics?
  • Smarter, quicker, faster healing, more physically aware, speed
  • Pale, blood might be seen seeping from mouth or nose, generally no fangs
  • Some cultures vampires do not have a reflection, no shadow, do not come out in the sunlight, might lack a soul
  • They have seen hurtling stones over houses, and moving around object in a house
how long has this mystery been going on
How long has this mystery been going on?
  • Early 18th century
  • Back to Ancient Assyria and Babylonia
  • Romania and Hungary 16th century
  • English word ‘’Vampire’’ 1730
where does this mystery occur
Where does this mystery occur?
  • Legends in Balkans, Western and Eastern Europe
  • Romania
  • Greece
  • France- Vampyre
  • German- Vampir
  • Cultures: Mesopotamians, Hebrews, Ancient Greeks, and Romans
what did people do
What did people do?
  • When Austria gained control of Northern Serbia and Oltenia, officials noted local practice of exhuming bodies and killing vampires (1718). These repots received widespread publicity (1725-1732)
  • People buried corpses upside down and put earthy objects near the grave to satisfy and demons wanting to take over the body
what did people do1
What did people do?
  • People were being accused of vampirism
  • People found bloated rotting corpses
  • People would use garlic to keep vampires away
  • Ancient Aztecs used to pour blood into the mouth of there idols
  • China family guard a corpse the night before burial to keep a cat or dog from jumping over it
what do people believe
What do people believe?
  • People thought they were evil
  • People think it’s vampire spirits that enter a body to make them become a vampire
  • Greeks called them Vrykolakas
  • Romans called them Strigoi
what did people believe
What did people believe?
  • Europe and Chinese believe the evil spirits will count grain or rice if they leave it out
what are peoples theories
What are peoples theories?
  • If our nerves send stronger more efficient faster signals; it could make us move faster, make us more smarter, more observant, and have sharper reflexes. This may result in pain receptors working harder; which would make us more sensitive to heat (the sun) and loud noises.
  • Blood gets transferred to the brain and muscles causing paleness and muscles to become strong
my personal opinion
My Personal Opinion
  • I believe that Vampires do exist.
  • Firstly, There has been lots of stories; some of them could be true.
  • Secondly, The stories go back along time, and back then lots of people believed in them.
  • Finally, If our brain sends stronger and faster signals; it could make us like a vampire.
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