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Vampires. Types. White Vampire

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White Vampire

White Vampires are the sweeter vampires. They tend to be either half bloods or once bitten vampires. Because of this, they have a pity for humans. You may find them at costume stores pretending to be humans. The thirst for blood is only if they are famished of any food. They are kind and usually are the lonely girls and boys you see at school.


Red Vampire

Red vampires are all purebloods. They tend to appeal to the romantic side. Majority of them will lure their victims to their room and end up... well, let’s say scarred and dead. The thirst for blood is high. A lot of them will be the popular girls and boys who always can attract the opposite gender.


Black Vampire

Black Vampires are the gothica form of vampires. They have all been bitten more than once. They tend to be weaker as the poison has immuned itself to further mutation. Their thirst for blood is almost diminished. They are the most common vampires.


Purple Vampire

A purple Vampire possesses certain abilities other vampires don’t have. They are either purebloods or half bloods. They tend to be snippy and impatient. The thirst for blood is medium and they can often get out of hand. You won’t find these vampires in your community.


Angelic Vampires

Angelic Vampires are just upgraded vampires (The good side of them). After a certain period of time, they adapt the ability to sprout bird like wings. Majority of them are former white or black vampires. Their thirst for blood is almost diminished. They tend to be mistaken for birds. They are mostly the teachers pets at school who don’t like to be the teachers pets.


Bat Vampire

Bat Vampires are the bad side of upgraded vampires. They tend to be red or purple upgrades. They can usually be found in a cave with the bats. Sometimes they will have a sort of aura to protect their wings to be seen by human eyes. They have little sympathy for humans but they feed off animal blood like bats do.