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The land of the vampires

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The land of the vampires. By: C aden Lloyd. land and climate. They cover 91,700 square miles, about the size of Oregon Carpathian mountains are the country’s dominant geographical feature Low plains along the southern and eastern areas( T ransylvania plateau)

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The land of the vampires

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land and climate
land and climate
  • They cover 91,700 square miles, about the size of Oregon
  • Carpathian mountains are the country’s dominant geographical feature
  • Low plains along the southern and eastern areas(Transylvania plateau)
  • Summers are warm and winters are cold
  • Average temp. in July is 77 ˚F
  • 41 % of the land is suitable for farming
  • 29% of the land is forested
land and climate 2
land and climate #2
  • Some of the people in Romania are farmers , they have plenty of land for it so they can farm and sell their food in the town markets
  • A lot of the people are in poverty(21.1 %, Americas is only 15% )so you can see that the country(the size of Oregon state) has a lot more poverty than north America

The people there that have jobs are farmers or they work in small towns in a village store

world wars
world wars
  • Their ancestors were Getodacians
  • Romania worked with allied forces during the 1st world war
  • Nazi Germany occupied Romania at the start of world war 2
  • Romania joined the German army in attacking the soviet Russia in 1941
  • King Carol 11 was forced to give up the throne to his son Michael
  • 1944 king Michael arrested the dictator
world wars continued
world wars continued
  • Romania then switched to the allied side
  • Russian troops occupied the country
  • Romania then came under soviet influence
  • King Michael then went into exile
the people in romania
The People in Romania
  • Their population is 22.3 million and is currently decreasing by 0.13% annually
  • They are mostly Jews and Germans have left the country
  • They consist of… Ukrainians , Serbs, Croats, Russians, and Turks
  • 53% live in cities
  • Many of them are poor; undereducated; and underemployed
  • Their GDP growth rate is o.9%
  • Their GDP per capita income is $12,800
  • Their GDP composition by sector is industry=32.9%services=59.2% and their agriculture = 7.9%
  • Their unemployment rate is 4.3%
  • Their poverty rate is 21.1 percent
economy extended
economy extended
  • Their inflation rate is 3% compared to Americas 3.1%
  • Their industries are electric machinery, textiles and footwear, light machinery, auto assembly, mining, timber(wood), construction material, and petroleum
  • Their exports are $67.72 billion
  • Their export partners are Germany ,Italy , France , and Hungary

In conclusion , Romania is alike and different from America. They have some big cities but mostly small towns. When people hear the word “ Romania” they sometimes think of the famous vampires and werewolves . At least they used to. Now they can picture some modern towns and cities . Romania is a fairly small and poor country and they have a lot of poverty for being that small.