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OMG Vampires!

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OMG Vampires! . THE MEANINGS OF VAMPIRES IN THE CULTURAL IMAGINATION. “He is a monstrous icon for everything I love about bad breakfast food - chocolate, sugar, and milk color alteration powers.”.

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omg vampires

OMG Vampires!


“He is a monstrous icon for everything I love about bad breakfast food - chocolate, sugar, and milk color alteration powers.”

“Lugosi's performance was the first actual Dracula exposure that I had and to me it still seems perfect. Lugosi just oozed class and mystery. I remember staring at the screen, just waiting for him to talk again, wondering what he was going to say, and when they would do the close up of the eyes, I felt both scared and fascinated.”


“The only vampire that ever scared me. Why are they seen as sexy when zombies are not? I think vampires use a napkin and manners while they kill you, zombies are messy. This is just class wars again.”


“He seems to enjoy his undeath.”“He is a rebellious young sexy vampire and unlike Edward Cullen he has a sinister animalistic look to him. His classic trenchcoat and sideways smile is terrifying and appealing at the same time.”

“The fact that he does not want to be one and tries not to be blood thirsty is an almost touching aspect of their lifestyle.”
“I like that his personality can vary from being possessive and mysterious to a more gentle way of being. And of course his great looks!”

“He absolutely loves Sookie and is always doing what he thinks is best for her. He is sincere and I love that he is trying to change for Sookie.”


“I love him because he's sexy, dark, kind of cruel on the outside but on the inside he's just hurt and is actually a really great guy, and most importantly he is imperfect.  A lot of times vampires are absolutely perfect, like Damon's brother Stefan or Edward.  But Damon's imperfections make him that much more alluring.  And he's funny!  And beautiful! And mysterious! And just great!”


“Alice is quite obviously a walking contradiction, a "moral" vampire, because unlike some of her family members (and the rest of the vampires out there), she does not have a mean-spirited bone in her body.  Instead of coming across as creepy, her extreme features only add to her unique charm.”


“An eternally hot, smoldering vampire that is madly in love with the leading girl?  Yep.  Those combined and he's won my heart (except for New Moon when he's a total jerk)!!”

“I love Edward Cullen because of how much he loves Bella.  I want someone to be that in love with me some day.”