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Tumble Weed Bikes® PowerPoint Presentation
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Tumble Weed Bikes®

Tumble Weed Bikes®

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Tumble Weed Bikes®

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  1. Tumble Weed Bikes® Tyler Wetzel Cameron O’Donoghue Matt Darmofal

  2. Background • Went on Spring Break 2011 to Florida and bought it from a drunk on Miami Beach who was broke and looking for a way to get home. • It’s original name was Sunshine Motor Sports based out of Bodie, Cali • We got home and renamed our company “Tumble Weed Bikes®” as well as relocating if from the ghost town of Bodie to Laramie, Wyoming.

  3. Executive Positions • CEO - Matt Darmofal • CFO - Tyler Wetzel • CTO - Cameron O’Donoghue

  4. Company Information Processes: • Custom Dirt Bike Builds • Custom Parts (Online/Storefront) • Custom Paint • Repairs & Maintenance • Apparel Sales (Online/Storefront) Product Brands: • Fox • Honda • Kawasaki • Suzuki • Yamaha • KTM • Thor • Alpinestars • Icon • Unit • Red Bull • Monster

  5. Customer Demographics • Wide Range of Outdoor/Dirt Bike enthusiasts in Wyoming but, our Market extends to anyone online. • Upper and High Middle class customers come into the store to get know us on a personal level. They bring in their ideas about customizing their bike so we can build their dream bike. • Online customers generally buy spare parts and apparel from our website. They mainly looking to customize their own bike. • Online customers also come to our website to find name brand products

  6. Marketing Mix Storefront: We offer coupons at in store locations for customers who have purchased our products. We sponsor local events and riders by providing gear and parts that advertise our company. We advertise on sale items and new items in local newspapers and magazines. Online: We use search engine ads, display ads, and sponsorships to reach our online target market. On our website we offer suggestions based on what they are looking at or purchased. All our products are available online including in-store sales items.

  7. Customer Relationship Management System • We chose CRM systems because we are a small growing business who focuses more on sales and less on cutting costs. • Our business uses the CRM system “RightNow” by Oracle because it is one of the top five CRM’s available and functions well with what our company wants to do. • Provides applications, technologies and strategies that help manage the customer experience we provide. The CRM allows us to understand and respond to customers’ needs on a consistent basis. • Open on all channels of communication, opening the door for greater customer relations, service, opportunities, and overall satisfaction.

  8. Customer Relationship Management System Details • RightNowTechnologies Inc., which is now owned by Oracle, provides multiple CRM software. • The software includes RightNow Marketing, RightNow Sales, and RightNow Service. • RightNowMarketing allows a business to manage its marketing campaigns and determine the impact it had. • RightNowSales assists with sales forecast, reporting sales information, and manages accounts. • RightNowService allows a business to operate customer service in multiple languages and channels both traditionally and online.

  9. Customer Relationship Management Pros • Improves sales person usability • Increases productivity • Adds social networking features • Much more social and collaborative allowing content to flow to the users • Very time efficient as users don’t have to enter has much because of dividing the tasks between the users • Much less click content has it has decreased by almost 80% has the system has switched from lists to tasks • Social networking features alert users when colleagues have ties with a sales prospect, and help them close out their deal

  10. Customer Relationship Management Cons • Confusion with the user interface among oracles ever-growing customer base • Sales force automation is not nearly as strong as service • No offline client available, it is inaccessible while disconnected from the web • Hard to integrate third party products into the system • RightNow is priced higher than the average CRM system

  11. Cost of Customer Relationship Management System • RightNow Customer Relationship Management software is priced higher than the market average based on our own research • RightNow offers prices from $75 to $100 per user per month

  12. Sales Revenue Model • This model will help us create revenue by selling goods and, information, and services to customers • We offer online as well as store-front purchases which allows customers to purchase our products at anytime and anywhere • Customers can view our services online • Customers can purchase our services online and have them preformed at our location • We can also provide information on our bikes to customers who need help with installing our parts, or fixing parts they already have installed from customers who can not come into the store to do so • Information on new products, sales, and promotions will be available to customers as well

  13. Advertising Revenue Model • We can use our online website to generate revenue by attracting customers and visitors who can be exposed to advertisements • Our Advertising Revenue model will help our Sales-Revenue Model • We will advertise other companies products and services on our website • This will expose customers to our products as well as other companies who will be paying use to advertise their products on our website • Allows us to create business- to-business relationships with other companies, this will allow us to generate more publicity for our company, in turn we will generate more revenue • This will also create exposure for our company in the larger scale market of dirt bikes

  14. Web 2.0 Technologies • Chill • This is an online video sharing Web 2.0 technology • We can use this to show videos of our services • Customers will be able to watch bike customizations and services from anywhere • Allows customers to get a full perspective of our services and the quality of the services • Imgur • This is photo sharing and storage Web 2.0 technology • We can use this to show high quality photos of our products and services • Allows customers to get a full perspective of our products and services.

  15. Web 2.0 Technologies • Facebook • A social network • We can use Facebook to promote and market our business. • Customers can communicate with us about past or current products and services • Facebook offers an opportunity to advertise on its website as well. • Boxoh • This is package tracking Web 2.0 technology • This will allow customers to track product orders from our business. • Informs customers of the expected time of arrival of their order. • Also notifies customers if there was an issue with shipping their order

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